7 Base Assault FMTel Missions

Please, for the love of God, STOP with the 7 base assault missions. You have made us run this missions 5 times in the last 3 weeks. If you can’t be bothered to remove it from the rotation, can you please increase the rate at which bases build out so we can actually have 7 bases available?

FNIX rebuilds bases so slowly that even with 3 players, we’re finding it hard to manage. There are 3 bases available in the South Coast region, 6 in the Farmlands, and 4 in the Forest. That’s 13 bases. One player can barely field that twice in one week on their own. But over 3 weeks, we’ve collectively got 10 bases left after last nights second run for the week. We have enough to run it once more on Monday, because you love giving it to us on Mondays, but after that, we won’t have enough bases to field the mission again.

Seriously, it just isn’t worth it for 3 points. I can blow up 3 Generators for that. That takes 15 seconds. 7 Base assaults takes an hour and a half, sometimes. There’s a huge disparity there. And then you give us 5 point days, where two of the missions are only worth 1 point, and one of them is always a base assault. How do you figure that limited the kill weapons to SMGs is only worth 1 point? That’s vicious.

Why don’t you bring back the older missions like asking for 15 robots in a specific region, or killing x number of robots with a specific weapon type? I was stoked to get the random anomaly mission in the Mountains region last night because it was the first time in almost four months that I set foot there. My Threat in the North Coast is Level 1 because I don’t hunt there anymore. Seriously, the game feels bad right now. You have alternatives to the 7 Base Assault mission. Please use them.


For starters the addition of all the control points and base assault is the worst spam of ctrl-c + ctrl-v content in this game.

Coaxing players to interact with them thru the FMtel missions is just another layer bs.

Not sure, if I missed one in southcoast region, but there are at least in total 27 control points in the game which can all be claimed by fnix and half of them by the player.

For me I can’t say that it’s too hard or takes too long to get the fnix bases spawned. In my first world, during a usual playtime of 2 to 3 hours, in general I destroy 1 to 2 bases and end up with the same number.

Although I didn’t do FMTel missions for many months now, I agree that this kind of mission is crap, as long as it’s a daily one. If it would last and count for the whole week and would grant more points (maybe 10), it would be welcome.

Yes and no. The bases are procedurally generated, and they are similar to one another, but not the same, as far as I have noticed. Each base seems relatively unique, but they do play the same. Some bases make more robots and sometimes the 3D Printers summon things back to back to back to back, and sometimes they forget that they can summon things at all, so its a bit of a toss up.

But doing 7 bases in one go is boring. I usually lose the will to live around the 5th base.

My apologies, I was assuming that players had their maxed out number of resistance bases already claimed. There are 7 total in the South Coast, 12 in the Farmlands, and 8 in the Forest, for 27, as you said. Mine subtracted the 14 bases you can claim, 4 in the South Coast, 6 in the Farmlands, and 4 in the Forest. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ok, if you’re interested in doing these assignments, I think it would be best to focus on one region.

If you haven’t built up bases at all of your 6 control points in farmlands yet, you maybe should abandon some. And then fight your way through farmlands and the bases should pop up like mushrooms.

And don’t forget that doing base assault also helps generating new bases. Most times when I do base assaults I end up having another base at least on level 2.

How does the Threat level faire in that scenario, because we primarily farm the Reapers in the Farmlands, so we avoid killing bases there. I’m not opposed to freeing up a couple bases. I love a few of them and absolutely enjoy the bases I’ve built at the greenhouse farm and the dirt bike track. The others are there because they were out of the way, and so not convenient for farming as part of the older missions that asked for specific region bases.

Also, taking bases was part of curing the infinite tick spawn bug. Has that been fixed?

I had 4 FNIX bases on start of this mission. While making my way to 1st one to destroy 1 new spawned. Total 5 now. Destroyed all these 5 bases.
Hard part is get new base to spawn, which come to the point of different difficulty players and time limitations of IRL.

I would say if you dont have any bases, you start from 0, this assigment is going to take some serious time. If you are low on resouces, ammo, missiles, grenades. Only add to the work you have to do. And penalty of these missions is you loose highest tier reward package for that week.

This mission really doesnt reflect risk vs. reward * by time required to do it.

This assigment would be much better if there was like 7 days time to complete it. Give every player decent time to try complete this.

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Or change it to a weekly task to destroy fnix bases as additional option to get resistance points.

So you could have 3 tasks each day like it is now. And additionally you have the option to take out fnix bases. As reward for completing it you get additional points, 1 per level of the base.

There could be a daily or weekly limit maybe. Let’s say three. By that you could get up to 9 additional resistance points each day or week which gives you the chance to even miss some days.

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