A bundle of problem and thinking

hello everyone i will wrote here everything i think and saw here because finding each subject would take too much time, thanks for understanding.

1/ the 1.06.
well i suspect that a lot of people as said the biggest bug about this update already but here my through, there is way more problem with loot after the update, lot of lootcase are empty (especially the tool case but even some ammo case are empty) its quite annoying and finding more ammo is kind of hard now.

not sure it is related to the 1.06 but i saw WAY more patrol especially armored hunter.

some weapon are so hard to find (well at least for me :blush:) that i even started to think they are like the Feather of a pheonix …. no joke …. like the rpg after 20 hours of game i didnt even saw one grey rpg :confused:

tanks are too much resistant to explosive seriously i put 4 gas tank and a radio to lure one after destroying the gastank the tank was almost intact ……

2/ damage

well this part is about the damage of some weapon/explosive …. i found a purple .50 sniper i was thinking “now i can destroy hunter/tank without using 400 ammo” i was so disapointed by this weapon… its at least a litle bit more powerfull than the .270 sniper but not by much… please make it moreeeee powerfull, in reality that weapon is rumored to be able to stop a tank loool
same with gastank they are not enought to kill tank not even hunter (im not even sure the damage stack since 4 gastank = 1 when i tried to destroy a tank with it

3/ the reset

well i tried to create another character to start everything news but … well im still with the same map and the same quest, can you create an option that can restart the map please ?

4/ xp

not sure about that part but i really think the beginning of the adventure is a litle bit too slow with the level up to go to the second level you need Something like 1 or 2K xp…. that a lot for the first level up.

5/ perk

i was thinking since there is robot why not put some skill like the double jump or Feather lending …… you can even create it without skill like loot from robot that will make us want to hunt bigger and harder robot more often.

well that all for now thanks for reading and im sorry about my poor English ^^.

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Delete your original character if you want another world or backup and delete your save file