A compromise on "unlock all skills"

Just had this thought and wanted to share. Instead of having the ability to simply acquire all skills through leveling as some people have asked for, what if we unlocked the ability to pick and choose which skills in the various trees we wanted? That way we could have our ideal builds without having access to everything all the time.

So the way I imagine it working is you level up as per usual, unlocking everything in (for example) the Survival tree and unlock the specialization skill too. Then, you decide to respec. In this hypothetical new system, you can unlock the Survival tree specialization skill before anything else, because you’ve unlocked it once before. You can also pick and choose which Survival skill tree skills you want regardless of order, but you still have to go down the other skill trees in order, as per usual.

If you really felt the need to balance this out, just make it so that the game only remembers which skills you unlocked prior to the most recent respec. That way you can’t just unlock all the end-game skills (although I personally don’t think it would be that broken if you COULD do that).

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Do you really think we will be able to unlock all skills?
Its probably just going to be a few more levels, its still not clear.
Anyway its too late to change the next changes.
When they finally come with an update, then we can ask for adjustments, just like we asked after the weapons wheel.

In today’s stream they said that we will be able to level up past level 31, but we won’t be able to gain any more skill points.

Mmh maybe it’s due to the announced (roadmap) skill respec. You probably will not be able to get more than 30 skill points, but maybe you will need the additional xp to regain skill points you once used, but choosed to respec them. :man_shrugging:

Unlock all skills available at the cost of 324 Prestige points I an get behind

What is the purpose of leveling up if we cant get new skill points?

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I guess it’s just something to do. I don’t know. Maybe there will be some other rewards.