A couple of observations

As many players have said this is a great game (already) and one I have been looking for a long time. Most games with multiplayer are player verses player. I have always loved games where you can actually share the adventure with friends.
As this is beta I expect a few things will change. These are just a couple of observations with content. Although there are seagulls and at the beginning location the water has a surprising number of fish, it would help with immersion if there was the odd small animal or flying insect in the forests and fields. Similarly a little more variety of props would help in the buildings and outside, for example maybe an armored personal carrier instead of the same tank (excuse me if that is an APC, if so still another armored vehicle).
Regards object placement I notice a corner section of stone wall suspended above the ground at the road and car by Stenhaga farm and a floating tire stack at a barn near the bridge to Sathamn guarded by the one robot. One other detail I see in games that has always annoyed me (and I don’t know how you fix it other than don’t put any there), is where grass or reeds grow through pier decking and such. Maybe under decking you could have truncated versions of reeds?
Anyway some of these things you will do anyway, but I have seen many open world games where not so good object placements are missed, hard checking every inch of terrain, I know.