A dumb rant on FOA 2, other islands, and potential new machine idea

So I have several things on my mind about the game’s story, speculations, and the other islands on the map so far.

Starting with FOA 2, the interior makes me believe that somehow in some way, it will be used as a boss fight. The layout of the wreckage, the shape of the place and the lighting screams arena. And as the recent DLC, the central trapdoor/metal platform in the middle is an obvious lift (as seen in the above-ground one at FOA 4) for machines. Meaning that we may see it work in spawning waves of machines as well as the smaller ones around the place. Or, we see a new machine type that FNIX will be in control of direction and the smaller ones are silos for missiles as some kind of “doomsday” or “last-ditch” by the AI.

My other speculation is the large island above the DLC 1 island. I figure that the devs do some intentional map design like the roads that lead to the Runner storage bunkers that hold blueprints. I am hoping that the island would be military-oriented where we see more battlefields, more urban environment (plus that odd flat point of the southern portion that kinda looks like a small airfield) and maybe something to add on to the fact the “Russians were watching everything” that’s stated in one of the final missions of the base game (I think, I don’t remember it correctly) and show that the USSR and the UN tried to get involved but ultimately held back.

Finally, as stated early, maybe get some new machines or variants that may serve as final boss material or to be an additional to the already terrifying machine like the Apocalypse Hunters.

Also, sorry, I didn’t know if to put this under General Discussion or Feedback/Feature Request so I just chose one and left it there. I would love to get some attention for a moderator or even the devs themselves and a hint or even just a wink and a “maybe”.

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You are speculating about future content, if I get it right. You can edit your title and move your thread to the “General discussion” section yourself, where it would fit better as you are not giving any Feedback or making Feature requests. :+1:

Also, I must say that I am a little disappointed. A “rant” usually transports a negative evaluation, often brought in a disrespectful, one-sided manner. This is clearly missing here. I was eager to learn what can be brought up against poor FOA2, I mean what can it possibly have done to you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: The devs usually don’t drop any info on future content in the forum. But there are regular live streams where players can ask questions…

Since this has the potential to become a long discussion, we’ll try the General Discussion section. Norrmyra Artillery Base & FOA 2 is an interesting topic, one that I like to discuss. Made a thread about it last year, here.

It’s fun because, the place just plopped up one day after the April 2019 Update. No word from the devs, no patchnotes. It used to be an empty field, suddenly this huge concrete building appears. The whole area is a bit mysterious, it’s got a Command Bunker you can’t get into (because of no barcodes), nearby there’s a mission involving a Tank with an experimental weapon, there are old submarine docks nearby and up until recently the area was devoid of enemies.

Now it’s thick with FNIX Machine patrols.

People have nicknamed it ‘The Arena’, or ‘the FOA 2 Arena’ though the devs have been very tight-lipped about what it’s actually for. Any mention of it during the weekly streams has been left with coy comments like “The FOA 2 Arena? Dunno what you’re talking about…”

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