A feature i think yall should add

I love the game and i think it is wonderfully designed. However think a few forms should be added to improve the overall experience. I know there are many dlcs and such, but there are still some that i think should be added within the base game or within a dlc.

The first thing, better lighting, i think a darker night would look awsome with the robot lights being the omly real thing you can see( i see this in dark bunkers ‘without the light’) The second thing you should think about is a resistance build up, you have the base design down, i think you should add npcs you can interact with/save or they come to you seeking refuge from the apocalypse of robots.

A feature kinda lile “this land is my land” but differant in ways. Build up your defenses, and survive with your other people(npcs) and have a feature wher the npcs can scavenge resources and such. Like wood and steel (scrap) I would also like to see an ability to build your own sort of machines, not like your companian but more junky in a way.

As you clear out districts (bunkers and areas) have the junky machines and the npcs patrol around that area. The more (guards) npcs you have the more secure the area. Hostile machines have the ability to enter those areas and try to raid them and take them back. The wars can happen at any time during the game, although i think this should be a whole differant game play(seperate game mode) called “The resistance rising” or somthing.

This i feel like would be a good idea and i think should be implemented in the game, also the ability for neutral resitances to emerge and fall, with the ability to save, or let them fall. Adding either more people to the resitance or not. I always wanted to make a game like this, but never had the capacity or capability to do so. I like the game, and think this should be a must, however it may not be to your liking and to complexated to do for a game still developing and working out its own bugs RN, wich is why i reccomend this option, for later.

Adding this may make other people happy ir unhappy, whoch is why i think it should be an enable-able option or mode. Either way rhis game is a great one and i hope to see a development with crafting and properly evening that out^, As it may be better to scavenge rather then craft. Though this adds to the play length.

The summary to the feature i hope to be added-
A '“this land us my land” ish vibe, a build up able resistance, conquer the land taking from you from the machines, and be overrun again, a world where you can build up a settlement, build your own junk robots, make your own society, make a settlement to scavenge, to raid, or to produce.

Create your own robots “like the runner” that is slightly weaker then the military variation (made out of junk and easy to destroy, but mabye with a high damage output. 'or the other way round) Find survivors and choose to help them, improson them, or leave them to be found. An interactinle and adptable npc settlement that can be destroyed by machines, and built too.

Perhaps the abilty too build your own bigger machines like the tank*(but mabye only able to stomp, and is of coarse made outbof junk following the resistance story and the fight between utter inhalation and a chance to survove.

The ability to make your own machines ‘not like the companion’ would be cool. ) The ability to find people who arent just triggerhappy, but maybe have the abilty to hack or stun targets( have their own skills and variations) and the proficientcy with certain weopons (better at snipers, or better at Assault rifles, etc. That would be cool to see.

Generally an interactible ai system outside of the missions, able to build, scavenge, and hunt (machines) for you. This would be cool to see, and i hope the game flourishes in the future .
Please take my request into concideration and make some kind of variation to it. Thanks

All these ideas sound super cool. Here’s hoping we see some interesting additions in the future.