A few areas I think could be improved

Character Respec - I am probably not the first to suggest this and I probably won’t be the last. I don’t think it should be unlimited, but it really should be an option. The three methods I have thought of are putting the respec on a long cooldown, having to complete in-game missions to get a chance, or having to get a certain amount of xp to unlock it and every time you use it you need to get xp again.

Craft able Flares - I don’t really understand why this hasn’t happened yet I feel like it should. It can be painful to collect a decent amount of these and, considering we can already craft health kits, I don’t think it would be a stretch to have flares be craft able too.

Shotgun Buff? - It might just be me, but I feel like shoguns aren’t strong enough considering how much danger you have to go through to use them properly. The damage falloff is also a bit severe. I not 100% sure how it is calculated, but I feel like within 10-15 meters it shouldn’t have falloff.

More In-Depth Weapon Modification - I don’t think this is necessary for the game, I just think it might be cool to allow for more specialized weapons.

Skill respec is already a thing. It consumes 5 uranium per respec

Jane, you play (if you’re able to start it) the xbox gamepass version on pc. This version currently is currupted due to an unfiinished update. There are features, the players on other versions don’t have… But problems as well.


So you radiate your brain, forget everything then suddenly “omg i can change my memory”?

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Guess so! We already get a nuclear reactor’s worth of rads from the Reaper, so a few more couldn’t hurt, I suppose~