A few bugs I've encountered

I know Generation Zero didn’t get the player count that games like call of duty get but it has solid potential I worry that since this game doesn’t have a massive player base that the updates will become fewer and far between but there are a few bugs I’ve encountered that really is annoying.

  1. Destroyed relays won’t reappear even on a new save which is super annoying as that’s missed EXP
  2. hunter bodies seem to float into the air sometimes (IDK what causes this) making you miss out on loot
  3. sometimes your character won’t run and it requires you to jump, hit run, and aim to fix it.
  4. hovering over all towns doesn’t always show you the collectibles/weapons not collected (would be nice if it just greys out the icon once everything has been found
  5. floating objects around the map including lanterns, buildings and sometimes car engine sprites being placed at a 45-degree angle or in the trunk of vehicles

Things that aren’t bugs but should change

  1. go back to the old inventory system the wheel didn’t need to be reinvented
  2. make it so there is a hotkey to change ammo types or your gun starts using another type one you run out of the current type of ammo loaded
  3. be able to craft/break down ammo and meds
  4. change the quest icons and red description box for mission info idk what you would change it to but it just seems so hidden half the time I forget what I’m doing

Welcome to the forums. For future reference, avoid the following;

  1. Don’t make list threads.

  2. Don’t mix Feedback with Bug Reports.

  3. Search for your issues. They’re out there.

Thank you.