A few complaints

So first of all I would love to know why a military grade tank is shooting at me from 2.3km away and making it so I am constantly “in combat” making me unable to fast travel or get around any other robots.

Second why are houses so useless? I looted 3 full sized towns and all I got was a few fist aid and some random bullets that didn’t match any of my 6 guns.

I play on xbox with a elite controller and I adjusted everything to feel good. But I cant hit the robots when they are moving. Even if my sighs are in the middle of them.

Snipers and hunting rifles are broken for me. If I am at a distance greater then 75m then I can literally see the bullet go straight through the robot and hit the ground behind them and the robot takes no damage. It feels like they are just ghost, I can see them but I cant hurt them. (My aim is on point for there body/weak points) I love snipers but in this game I cant use them and I hate it because the game just decides to mess with me

Another thing is if I want to switch my weapon i have to hit Y a few times because he just pulls out the same gun over and over again

If I hit the reload button twice quickly while my gun has a empty mag then it will erase all my ammo for that weapon and to fix this I have to drop the gun and pick it up again

And for the love of God why is the flashlight so dark and small??? I have tried every combo of settings and it’s still bad and useless

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