A Few Game Suggestions

For your consideration:

  1. Instead of endless drops of 4 crown AG4s, consider substituting a few 5 crown AG4s once in a while to eliminate the predictability.
  2. Since all automatic rifles except one have the ability to mount a small scope and a vision module, consider adding the ability to mount both to the AI- 76 as well.
  3. Since there are currently no plans to develop any of the islands, consider adding bridges to the game to link those islands to the mainland so that players can explore them.
  4. If possible, consider the creation of spawn points for firebirds to patrol over said bridges and islands.
  5. Consider adding a companion repair facility as a buildable item at player- made bases.

This is a bug, not something thats intended to be happening

I do agree with the other points however, except for point 3 as that could lead to further performance issues for the game.

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The 4c AG4, which is always in a harvester, is a bug.
Of course they would like to change it, but currently they don’t really know why it occurs.

Really? Oh, really. Now that you’re writing it… But it’s ok for me. The recoil is higher, the magazine is larger and it has a 3-shot-burst instead. That’s variety.

There is nothing to explore, so why?

Oh yes. As I always lose my safehouses and I use my well placed bases for fast travel, recycling, crafting and inventory management in general, it’s really annoying that I always have to search a safehouse with a companion station. Well, I chose the airport in general. But it’s annoying that I always have to walk/drive there first.
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Adding bridges could lead to performance issues?? I wasn’t aware of that. It would be nice to be able to check out those islands though, even if there’s nothing there. The map’s beautiful, and I’m betting that the islands are no different.

Not the bridges, the areas themself. As seen eith Himfjall, Last Gen consoles can barely sustain a consistent FPS whilst there.

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That’s regrettable; many thanks for the information. Any idea what’s causing it?