A few ideas for improvement

So far I really love this game. I wrongly didn’t think there would be much good when I decided to give this game a shot but damn was I wrong. The fight mechanics are great and I don’t find anything to be wrongly unfair. If you die it’s for a reason and you can learn to improve so you don’t die.

I do want to compliment some things first. I love the collectables and weapons per location idea. I am OCD in games about looking at everything and finding as much stuff as I can and this was just a nice touch.

With what there is so far there is a lot of potentials. A few things I’ve thought of while playing was possibly adding a vault or climb up function. Whenever I’ve unlocked the back of a truck I find it a bit difficult to climb inside. I can do it but always after the 2nd or 3rd try.

Second, and it may be only because I’m still an early level, I would like to see a red dot or enemy indicator on the compass while in combat. I can’t always keep track of the horde of machines when I’m fighting and they run far away attempting to find a way to get to me when I’m in an enclosed yard or something similar.

Also, I found it rather frustrating that there isn’t a melee attack. This isn’t a game-breaker and I think it’s simply because we have been spoiled in FPS games and usually have one.

Another thing I found frustrating was there are some issues when there are items next to a bag or box. There were a few times when I couldn’t pick up an item because a bag was next to it and it just couldn’t recognize that my cursor was on the proper item no matter what angle I tried to look at it.

One that isn’t really a big issue but a bit tedious in some of the houses is that doors don’t open in both directions. Some bedrooms on the second floor are very close to the bathroom and if you open one you then can’t reach the other without closing it.

Again I am really impressed with this game so far and look forward to seeing how it further develops. Thanks for working so hard on this amazing game.

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One more thing that is irritating is not being able to walk your bike up a hill or something so you have to ditch it.

Nice feedback.

Bikes in game are street bikes, designed to be ridden on (paved) roads. Take them off-road and you’ll see how cumbersome they are.