A Few Ideas for Improvements and features


I have a few ideas i’d like to run by you in regards to inventory management, player storage, equip-able armor and clothing/stat boosts as well as character customization.

  1. ) Inventory management: needless to say inventory management in this game has also become a bit of an elephant in the room lol. First off item stacks, this is something I feel needs to change and for that i say increase the size of stacks by 5 times their current amounts, no more, no less, so for example, 7.64mm assault rifle ammo, the max stack size currently is 240, bump it up to 1200, .50 BMG is currently at 40, bump it to 200, see the pattern yet? simple first aids would go from 20 to a stack to 100, standard first aids from 10 to 50 and advanced first aids from 5 to 25, lock picks from 20 to 100, same with adrenaline shots etc. raising the size of the max stack size of each stack-able item by 5 times it’s current amount can certainly go a long way in terms of min/maxing inventory space.

  2. ) The carry capacity skill/the max inventory size (and my idea for equip-able armor will also go into more detail on this, explanation later) needless to say while my 1 idea for increasing the max size of stack-able items can help with managing inventory space it will only do so much, therefore more space is still needed, especially with what you may have planned for this game down the road as far as expansion/DLC and no I’m suggesting holding off such ideas until then, these are more or less quality of life improvement ideas to help solve one of the big issues I feel this game is facing, and my suggestion with the carry capacity skill is add 5 more levels to it, essentially making the base max inventory double it’s current max capacity so 40 slots becomes 80.

  3. ) Player Storage, this is as I’ve noticed another hotly requested feature, here is my thought/idea for it, each safe house there should be a locker or something that the player can access to store their excess items, weapons (possible armor) etc. to help save room in their inventory, the amount of slots for this should be 5 times that the max size of the players inventory (and i mean the absolute max inventory size, again, tied to my idea for armor i’ll explain later lol) so 600 slots (storage should always be larger than the personal inventory lol) .

  4. ) Equip-able armor: just like with weapons/attachments there should be body armor the player can loot and equip of varying quality like the weapons that provide damage resistence to the player, like body armor, elbow and knee pads, helmets (yes I know you put helmets as cosmetic items, i’ll go into that when i discuss my ideas regarding clothing/ character customization) and lastly (and in regards to further improving inventory management) BACKPACKS. Back packs like any other part of the armors will provide increased protection the degree of which will again depend on the quality, but also they will provide additional Bars (rows) of inventory space on top of the max personal inventory size of the player, again how many more rows will be based on the quality of the backpacks example, Dilapidated will grant 1 additional row, Worn 2 additional rows, Good 4 additional rows, Exceptional 4 additional rows and Special 5 additional rows, so with the aid of backpacks the max inventory size of the player can possibly go as high as 120 slots (15 rows x 8 columns ) and possibly even for armors have modifications (attachments) for them, like for elbow pads have forearm guard attachments, knee pads, shin guard attachments and those also varying quality and provide say for example protection from melee attacks shrugs it’s an idea.

  5. ) Clothing/ Stat boosts: Many have noted that the gas mask does not work very well at all, and in some cases I’ve noted as I’ve collected additional clothing some of the ones I’ve collected that have stat boosts do not appear under the profile tab, here is my thought, have all clothing items once unlocked already have stat boosts on them but each first must be unlocked with points, and each duplicate clothing item that is the same even if a different color variant becomes points to unlock/upgrade those stat boosts, of course naturally if the duplicate is a color scheme the player did not have before the player still permanently unlocks that color scheme, but the item itself still turns into points that can be spent. also hairstyles should be separate from hats etc. and there should be additional types beyond just additional colors, some Mohawk styles you see today were also available back in the 80’s and hats should work in accordance with the current equipped hairstyle, also, obviously in regards to my armor idea helmets would no longer be available as hats/headgear cosmetically, but also for female character, you should have things like nails and jewelry separate from hand items like gloves i mean if you’re going to have a bunch of different types of finger less gloves then you should still allow for things like rings and false nails to be equipped at the same time lol.

  6. ) character creation/customization, on top of selecting a preset face etc. during character creation you should also provide sliders to further customize facial features and body features like for example in the case of females obviously increased bust size, or maybe they want to make a more muscular Jock type character or w/e have tattoos etc. as well as allow for not wearing jackets and just wear the t-shirts or w/e.

At the moment this is all I can think of as far as ideas for quality of life improvements and features. Thank you for your time.

  1. ) okay thought of a couple more ideas lol, sights, scopes and vision modules. (and yes i know the game already has these lol) personally i think vision modules should be equip-able to sights, plus there should be other available types of sights like reflex sights for example, including for semi automatic pistols.

  2. ) and in regards to handguns there should other types beyond just the three, the Desert Eagle was around even then, so why not a .50 AE? along with compensators for semi automatics?


The DE was around then but only as the MK1 which would be .357 or .44 Magnums. The .50AE was introduced in '88 sure but it wasn’t a chambering on the DE until the MK VII.

You can mount the vision enhancement modules to scopes in the game now.

There are compensators for pistols in the game now.

Dot/reflex sights on pistols are a recent thing and weren’t available back then.

As for the rest I typically agree. Stacking needs addressed big time especially when it comes to items being added like ammo which seen to stack however they want and not in the next open stack until full and starting a new one. Clothing should have slightly improved stats in terms of stealth and camouflage but really only just a bit of impact or even less bullet resistance. I know the FBI and others use denim to judge ballistic performance of hand gun rounds but honestly, nobody is going to be wearing that many layers of the stuff. And it is resistance…not proof. So you lather up seven layers of denim it means that the bullet that hits you doesn’t go an extra inch deeper…which means it still probably passes through you.

Storage capacity IMO is fine. It’s a good mix of realistic vs fun. If anything they should add a bulk system or simply make non-weapon items take up more slots. I’d like to see it move to a mass system…nobody is going to carry around a .50 with 200 rounds AND a Gustaf with 30 rounds for it AND a battle rifle, sniping platform, pistol with hundreds of rounds each…your damned legs would break lol. Make it so you have one slot for a long arm, one for a pistol, a few slots for deployables like grenades and then a backpack for ammo and other items with carry points to reflect belt or pants spots.

As for the Gustaf’s sights…honestly the only thing I’d change is to make the front blade thinner so it lines up correctly in the rear aperture for a proper sight picture. But, it isn’t tough to use as it is. I’d gladly keep the sights the way they are in trade for some more effectiveness from the warheads vs armor which is, after all, what the thing was designed to punch holes in.


They have compensators for revolvers, not semi auto pistols, and I meant sights for vision modules to be attached to I know they can be attached to scopes, but the ACOG you can’t and i feel that we should be able to, plus the way it is now people legs would already break so what harm is it to add more inventory space, plus don’t get me started on realism, you’re playing an 80’s young adult in Sweden fighting an army of killer robots red dawn style, realism already went out the window lol


lol fair enough on the realism.

But the “acog” is really just a dot sight, mounting a vision module to that would just be super awkward and flimsy. What would be better IMO is an actual NVG system for your head that you could then stick the modules onto :slight_smile:


hence my idea for equip-able armor with it’s own quality and mods (attachments) for helmets NVG could be one possible helmet mod


There should be some kind of protection for sure. Even flak fests and helmets would help a bit at least with weaker enemies.


The ACOG really needs a glowing dot, though. Smaller, more precise than the painted on thing we’ve got now.


The ACOG needs to actually BE AN ACOG and not just a dot sight.