A few ideas I have for new stuff

–These are a few ideas I have for new content and maybe some balance changes (all from my pov).
-New weapons

  1. The Desert Eagle- This would be a high power, high recoil pistol that deals high damage but has extremely poor handling. This one could be added as it technically fits the time period but maybe not.
  2. MG-3- A medium ammo capacity, medium fire rate but decent stopping power machine gun. This would be similar kvm 59 or n 60 machine guns but would have a bit better fire rate.
  3. L1A1- A high damage single shot rifle that would be semi-automatic with a high ammo capacity. This would share a similar role to the atg 4 or 5 but would be locked in single shot only.
    -These three weapons could be added under a NATO weapons pack or Western weapons pack of some kind.
    –Next is three vanilla runner modules
  4. Self Repair- This module would allow the runner to revive itself if it has repair kits contained in its inventory
  5. Weaker target priority- this module would make the runner prioritize weaker targets like the tick, scout, runner, lynx, and the hunter first before engaging the other units.
  6. Stronger target priority- the opposite of the previous one this module would make the runner prioritize targeting harvester, tanks, wolf, and fire birds.
    –Next is three runner weapons also vanilla
  7. Heavy sniper rifle- similar to what some FNIX hunters use this would offer high damage and accuracy with the drawback of having the runner stay still for around 3 seconds to aim and stabilize
  8. Flechette shotgun- Similar to the experimental shotgun and the shotgun used by FNIX hunters this would shoot out multiple shots of exploding shells
  9. Assault rifle- similar to the smg the rifle would fire slower but offer more damage per shot
    –Lastly a few ideas I have for other things.
  10. Storage crate max capacity at 500- this is a minor pet peeve but I have my storage crate at max level am having to get rid of some weapons I want to keep because of the sheer amount of loot I get.
  11. A bug I ran into where going offline causes the companion to de spawn and requires a game restart to place down- this happened to me a few times and I wrote it here in hopes it gets worked on.
  12. Add 0.5 seconds to each stage of the overheat for the experimental kvm 89 as right now it has a hard time function as a machine gun but this one is also kind of a peeve so it isn’t necessary.

The Desert Eagle has a .44 magnum version, so this would indeed sit very neatly right alongside the revolver currently in the game. The devs could do the less well-known Auto-Mag or Automag, instead—different pistols, different manufacturers, but same ideas. Quicker to reload than the revolver, with just a bit less damage? Both the Desert Eagle and the different Auto-Mag and Automag models were fairly popular in '80s and '90s action movies.

I would love to see the MG3. It is under-represented in games, pretty rarely seen… It would be compatible with the other “7.62mm” belt-fed MGs already in the game, using the same (in-game generic) ammo. Higher rate of fire, but maybe worse recoil? Unfortunately, we do already have quite a few “7.62mm” belt-fed MGs in the game… They could instead do the Spanish CETME AMELI, in 5.56mm—it is basically the same as the MG3, just scaled down for the smaller round. The AMELI is also another under-represented weapon, though it did sort of suck in reality compared to the MG3, so there is a bit more of a reason for the AMELI getting less fame…build quality for the AMELI was not very high.

The L1A1 is the British service version of the FN FAL. The regular FAL was full-auto/semi-auto, but the Brits figured the rifle was too hard to keep under control in full-auto, so they had their contract rifles done semi-auto only. (Similar deal in the US with the M14; orioginally select fire, full-auto/semi-auto, but then tested and found tough to control, so limited to semi-auto-only…) The FAL was otherwise pretty much a direct competitor to the HK G3—and therefore of the Swedish service version of the G3, the AK4, which is represented in-game as the AG4. 7.62x51mm NATO, 20 round magazines standard, think some folks did have 40 round magazines for them at the time. Unfortunately, the devs have a bad habit of not balancing rifles using their generic “7.62mm” ammo very well. The FAL/L1A1 would get the same bad treatment as the AG4, S21 (M21, sniperized variant of the M14), and the Kotenok (SVD)—it would be underpowered, underwhelming… IF they broke that cycle and did it justice, it should be nice and powerful, right alongside where the AG4, S21, and Kotenok should be.

Those Runner module and weapon ideas are nice. The “target priority” modules would be especially nice, or if we could just set those behaviors without needing a module—even better… The Hunter’s concussion rifle being repurposed and mounted to the companion Runner would be an especially awesome addition, a much more reliable alternative to the rocket launcher they currently get—that everything can avoid so easily, currently…

As for the EXP KVM 89, the trick with it is to fire in short controlled bursts. In reality, that’s what you’re supposed to do with ANY MG, anyway. You don’t normally run a full belt without letting up—unless you have spare barrels and a buddy with a glove to change them for you, which not every gun can do quickly/easily/AT ALL… Yeah, it’s a game, we don’t have to worry about the barrel melting or handguards catching fire, but even with the laser-like accuracy of the fully spooled up EXP KVM 89, it still can help to let up for a second and re-acquire target, give them more careful bursts to manage the heat-buff, go for the extra damage done to weak points. (Not that I’d be especially against them playing with the time/heat buildup some, mind you…)

I am not really into weapons that much, most of them I have but never use.
However, I would love this module to see the light of day, it makes the companion a worry-free ally.

I’m for a crafting tree for companion modules, or maybe even the possibility to augment the existing ones with some special companion augmentations.

For being able to craft them or to augment them you would need machine parts, just like weapon parts for augmentations for guns.

You get machine parts by looting machines.
There could even be different classes of parts that you get from different machines. It could also be limited to rivals.

You can just craft one special module. If you craft an other one, the previous one gets destroyed.

  • There could special weapon modules with smaller versions of weapons used by hunters, Lynxs or tanks.
  • There could be special equipment modules like
  • a mobile field radio which works even if the companion got destroyed.
  • a small mobile shield generator which protects the companion while it’s not shooting.
  • a soviet self-repair module
  • a stealth-module
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does any know if they fixed augmentation glitches,:face_with_monocle:, I forgetting 2 look, ill test my back-up save later

I think some have been fixed (S21 support slot issues, some others), but maybe not all… I’d keep avoiding that “stash all in category” button, just in case, for example.