A few rogimiller questions

is there planed that some enemies will respawn?
maybe just for ammunition refill :thinking:

Enemies will respawn after a while, yes.

nice :blush::+1:t2:
also the heavy one or only the normal?

The heavy ones like the tanks do

nice… so we never run out from enemys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

will there be a demo to play before sale or not?

i hope so maybe something like that one shot demo that resident evil 2 had.

or maybe just like the beta or a little bit smaler will be nice on all plattforms :star_struck:

even better releasing the game earlier

give them time… better a great game and wait then another bugout 76…

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what is planed about the skills? is there a maximum number of skill points imcan earn or ist connected to the caracter level and if yes what is the max caracter level?

is it also possible to arange the skill points new or are the locked forever?

is there any storage planed in the game that i can come back to get my stuff back or that i can manage in every safe house as example?
or if i drop some stuff will it be there if i close the game and open again?

hy there,

how handel the game the difficulty level if i play alone and what happen when other friends join co-op?

and if there is no difference betwen single an co-op… is it not very heavy or unfair for single players?

Hallo there,

Is it possible if i Play alone that i can activate co-op that someone from the same plattform can join in?

I love all the hype you have for the game, it’s rather exciting. Due to all your questions starting to flood the forums every-time someone responds to one of your posts it bumps it to the top removing any other relevant threads so I’ve merged all your questions into this thread.

Storage/Safe house


A: During a few of the development streams I recall Graham (Community Manager) discussing safe houses. If you’ve ever played Hunter COTW, another Avalanche game they published I did hear some talk about storage boxes but I don’t recall them officially saying it will be added. However back in the beta in 2018 there was safe houses which you could spawn at to make getting around the map easier.

Your inventory also saves when you log out. I’ve never tested if you drop stuff if it will remain however I assume it won’t due to every-time I logged in and out loot re-spawned.

Game difficulty


A: Once again this information was mentioned in development streams and also in the Discord. Game difficulty does not scale between single player and co-op and the player count in your session is irrelevant. Difficulty will depend on where you are on the map, meaning you can play in an area which suites your play style and you can alter locations if you’re looking for a more laid back gaming session or intense difficulty. If it is unfair is up to your opinion.

Joining Sessions

Yes if you activate co-op you can join someone which is playing on the same platform and players can join your session.

I do suggest you join the official Generation Zero Discord and ask questions on there, you should get quicker responses and you’ll be able to meetup and talk to others who are just as hyped as you are! On a little side note all your questions you have asked have been asked before on the forums, you can use the search feature on the forums to find what you’re looking for located on the top right and it’s a magnifying glass.


Thanx for you answers, that you paste my questions together and sorry for spaming the forum :wink:
I was thinking it is ok to ask some questions and i found this points nowhere… so sorry for this.
Maybe another section in the forum with Q&A???

But i still got some points…

About Storage and Safe Houses…
Yes i got the point about it… But what about the stuff i wanna store on the side? Maybe i have no ammunition for a special weapon and wanna keep the ammunition i found… or a new weapon who i wanna store but my inventory is full… will there in the save house one option to keep it there and it will be remaining? and can i get hands on if there is a box in other safe houses?

About difficulty…
Its ok if there is no balancing with how many people i play or alone… then its the only question about ammunition and time to get one enemy down… i think even if there is a enemy tank with easy it is maybe for single player more heavy to kill him in relation to 4 players wo shoot on him and share the agro between them…

Joining Sessions…
Ok thats nice if i can open my session for other players to get in…
Can i share then my safe houses or will they spawn direct on my side? Not just like in the demo that they have to walk maybe 40km to get to me…

Sorry i had no answer for this from you…

and another question…

what is the interval for saving or event? or will it be random? not that i spend 30min to kill a tank and for some reason my ps4 will block and the game was nod saved…

Thanks for your time and if it is too much then we can write pm or give me a link where all my questions are already answered…

Roger :smile: