A few suggestions after (too) many hours of play :)

First off, loving the game, the tension of knowing that 3 hunters are right outside the building you’re currently hiding is fantastic.

That being said, my suggestions to make life a bit less frustrating are as follows.

We cannot loot directly to our hotbar, ex. if you have a stack of 3 flares in your hotbar and go to loot another (with full inventory) you cannot loot it. Can we please loot flares/medkits etc into our hotbar?

Speaking of loot, I would LOVE a “Loot All” keybind when looting a container. The ability to hold E or whatever button to loot everything (or even just loot everything you have room for and leave the rest) would be fantastic. Having to click one by one on each item to figure out if you can loot it or not gets old quick.

Also, with the addition of random ticks to houses, I’d appreciate a mild health regen (out of combat) to heal you slowly after a tick attack or a bike accident.

Other than those 3 items, I am truly loving the game, and have been since launch day. I love the stealth and tactical aspects of the game and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Your attention to the community is truly appreciated.

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Slow healing… Awesome idea. Take All would be problematic since the script doesn’t know which item or items you want in the case that you don’t have enough room.

An option would be to grey out the Loot All if they couldn’t all fit in your stash.