A few Suggestions ... from an Newbie

Hey Guy´s ^^
First i´d like to say: I love the Game. I love the Atmosphere.

So, the few Suggestions:
We noticed a few Problems in the Multiplayer.
The Sync ist often a Hell.
The Host and the Teammates see different Things. Which is pretty annoying when these things shoot at you and you’re the only one who sees them and gets hurt by them.

It would also be awesome if hacked machines were visible to all participants. That helps in the heat of battle to see which machine you should NOT shoot ^^

The same goes for the Robo Dogs. The Marker above them has too little render distance. In a battle with many runners, it is easy to lose sight of your own Robo Dog and at last you shoot at your own.

If the host builds a base, it can only sometimes be found on the map in a multiplayer session. Which is difficult, if you want to meet there at the beginning of the season …

Otherwise, there is nothing to complain and criticize.
I look forward to many more hours with GZ, keep up the good work - I love you <3