A few things that would make gameplay more enjoyable

Reduce weight of bobby pins to .001 lbs each."

Reduce ammobox med kit to 3x normal standerd med kit weight.

Add Salvaging of land mines, grenades, road flairs, fireworks, sticky flairs, to allow for crafring ammo. And allow for all of the salvaged items to be craftable from the salvaged materials.

Of course taking one road flare apart to get crafting materials, it might almost cost you what you’d get from salvaging two road flares to make a single road flare with a little materials left.

Add salaviging of all radieos for rubber, plastic, electrical parts, and batteries for crafting of emp grenades or the lead for bullets.

Add looting of car batteies for large emp grenades. Not all cars should have good batteries make them just as available as bandages are right now.

Electrical parts from bots and radieos for crafting diffrent spider bot types.

Add new crafting materials for and from items mentioned above to Loot drop list from enemy Bots and loot containers.

Add basic melee system, for hand axe, wood axe, firemans axe, hammer, pipe wrench, sledge. “Use your own creativity for the high end quality items.” “Never intended for replacing guns, just a final fall back if you run out of ammo or cant reload fast.”

Add looting of wood for crafting melee weapons.

Add camp fire kits to crafting. Placeable on a flat surface heal over time + light sorce. Drawback addes to being spotted by bots. “Like running by an enemy instead of walking slow.”

sugestion of duration of 2 min and 1 hp per second, “on camp fires,” so players dont use them to heal and draw mobs to them on purpose. Only 1 camp fire healing effect active at a time on a character. Cannot be placed while in combat and yes fire is hot will damage the character with the same damage over time that the Bots AOE fireburst or flamthrower does. Will not damage enemy mobs.

Increase the drop rate on health kits by 12%.

Add upgradeing med kits or crafting of med kits.

Adhesive and cloth for bandages or tape for crafting materials. If you needed to explain why a med kit cost you some adhesive, cloth, rubber, wood, metal, and thread to make. Still better then not being able to make them.

Change storage of items from set 250 lbs for all items to a upgradeable storage.

Exsample, starts at 50 lbs for weapons and attachments, 100 lbs for ammo, 100 lbs for all other items. After collecting materials to upgrade storage, up the storage by 50 lbs across the board. Allowable max 4-5 times. Costing more materials each time.

Increase storage of materials to 150 lbs of each type. Upgradeable like personal storage to a max of around 350lbs of each material type.

Add in random destroyed tanks and camp sights in the vast north west marshlands. You have some on the map already. Dont need alot more just a bit.

If everyone wasnt killed whare did they go? Did all of them get killed or leave. Or was the good dr who helped with the programing of the bots synapses get realy sick and try out something horable on some captured peps?

Add flying hunter drones with guns, missiles, gas, fire or explosive attacks like the other bots, and make them almost as fast as the seekers.

Add in larger seekers with an asortment of attack types like the larger bots.

Just a few suggestions it might help 4 gameplay enjoyment


one more thing that i personally very much dislike (hate is such a strong word;)) with this game, is the forced aim assist/slowdown. if they would only add the option to turn it of i would very much appreciate it. coming from battlefield i feel that my aiming is on point without the game “assisting” me… ads tracking enemies is impossible. as soon as your crosshairs gets close to the enemy, it slows down and locks in at exactly the same speed the enemy is moving, so im always aiming behind where the enemy actually is.

on PS4-pro by the way, forgot to mention that :wink:

I am currently playing on the Xbox One S havent noticed a aim assist but if that is a function it would be nice to turn it on and off for beginner and experienced players

These are great suggestions, i will ask did you finish the story or started alpine unrest. It would explain some of your questions.

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I played a little when they first released it on Xbox I guess it was for betta , “over a year ago” was very difficult to play at the time. My brother bought it for me as a gift. I decided to take a second look at it. I’ve only been playing a little over a week. Have a level 28 character, completed all of the bunkers but the last three just started the one in the marshlands still have not familiarized myself with all of the contents names. But I do have some DLC it has to do with the resistance i think.

Truthfully after installing the game I jumped on with my son and began exploring up to and past the castle on the starting landmass. When I first played the game over a year ago it was very difficult to make it to the castle having any items whatsoever including ammo making clearing the castle of all robots impossible I notice the subtle changes to the loot system how frequent items drop and it surprised me. By the end of the first day playing my son and I were already heading into the farm lands completing all of the missions from the previous section of the map before doing so. The rest of the time playing was either spent talking about things we had found in the game helping my brother and my son complete quests complete challenges and generally competing for who can complete their personal Loadout with weapons and accessories the fastest. I’m well over 2,000 robot kills completed more than half of the challenges emptied my personal storage of what I’m sure is enough loot to make other players want to kill for just to end up with the flavor of play that I like with the definitions 2 gameplay as they are.

I have played a lot of games over the years I know how important it is to try not to stray too far away from the original content and flavor of a game unless otherwise absolutely needed. Most of the suggestions I posted we’re from interactions with the content experience in the game and past experience playing many different genre of games this is a good one it can be great.

When playing a game like this I go over virtually every square inch of the map, “from past experience playing, coming up with content, making game maps, items and textures” its fun to try to learn the direction the game is going and dreaming of what could be. Just being able to comunicate with people that obviously have a passion for the game and the daunting task of growing and maintaining it is kewl.

Im new to this forum (and on the whole forums outside of reddit) but I think they need to add a sped up (exponential) sider for ammo, and anything that has one. This only seems to be a problem on console but it takes a good minute or so just to draw some ammo from my reserves. Its not urgent or anything but would be a good quality of life addition.

I’ve only played it on the Xbox One S transferring ammo can be done one unit at a time by pushing left or right and by units of 10 by using up and down don’t know what the settings would be on the PlayStation or PC

The slider works faster if you press down on the d-pad, while moving the left stick to the left.

It almosta all right for me, but…
No add Wood Loot and Wood Material, we can craft melee weapons with steel.
Adding wood it could be like any other survival game.

Instead of creating a Camp Fire, we cane use the campfire that are already in the game with te possibility of ignite them and so we can heal(very slowly) and be seen by robots.
In the same way we can heal in safehouses.

Ok crafting med kit, but not increase drop rate.

Ok for upgradable plundra(maybe with a house system)

I would enjoy any of it

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After the new patch I love how the hunters Runners Seekers Harvesters and tanks move.

Like that Harvesters spawn reinforcements and the accuracy of their missile salvos.

Would be nice if there was between 3 and 7 Seconds more between salvos

Don’t however how fast the Harvester reinforcements spawn.

Don’t like the aggression radius increase even when hiding behind trees and foliage.

Don’t like how runners and Hunters aggression causes them to phase through walls.

Sometimes you get aggression from initially spawning at safe houses, or maintained aggression from around 300 yards away if you died and respond at a safe house.

This also applies when you use a field radio.

On adventure if the aggression radius was dialed back to just +10% more than it was before patch. For skirmish + 25% and then + 50%. Then allow for the scaled gameplay for the amount of people in the game.

Harvester reinforcement respawn limited to one every 20 seconds and 3+ reinforcements instantly if all players in aggression range die.

reinforce the reinforcements pod on the back of the Harvester by 200% health giving the players the option of taking out the Harvester and then picking off its reinforcements or taking out the reinforcements pod so it cannot get reinforcements so you can focus on the Harvester.

Reinforce the rocket pods by + 50% health.

Keep the Seeker the runner in the Hunter AI combat tactics the same but keep them from clipping through walls.