A fun game, but it was wrong for Avalanche Studios to release it with so many bugs

I’ve never played a game that has as many glitches and bugs as Gen Z does. Some of them were game breaking and forced many of us to stop playing until the June update when they were finally fixed. I was one of those affected by the Uttern Bunker bug and had to wait a month for the update before I could finish the game. What’s more, the monthly updates seem to create more problems in addition to fixing them. The May update for example made the game literally unplayable for many people and the hotfix that came a few days later removed nearly all of the missions from my mission list. Obviously I don’t expect any game to be glitch-free upon release, but it’s unacceptable for a game released in 2019 to have the sheer volume of problems this game had and I definitely shouldn’t have to stop playing a game for weeks just to wait for a bug fix. Gen Z was a fun game overall and I’m glad I played it, but you guys need to do better next time.

I quite agree with you on most of it and the game was much more enjoyable to me when it was first release, since most players can look past certain bugs (if they wasn’t game-breaking bugs of course). The monthly updates have the intent of the game more enjoyable, but most players probably agree that the game should had been delayed half a year to a full year to work out all of the bugs, even if those who agree are a small minority of the player base.

I could’ve be wrong, but I won’t know what other players are thinking till someone brings it up.

There are plenty of people who preferred the game at release, and plenty of people who prefer the way it is now. Balance is difficult. Generation Zero is made by a very small game studio and what they’ve managed to create is amazing considering the scope of the project and the finnicky game engine.

It may not be a game for everybody, but at the same time this game is a passion project that I and many others believe will continue to evolve. If you feel that you don’t believe that and want to try other games, go ahead. But don’t inflate your ego so much that you feel the need to go into Feedback/Feature Requests and create a thread, only to say “Do better next time”.

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