A future twist to the Generation Zero story

This is something I would like to see
to some degree anyway :wink:


In short: alien invasion :smiley:

Best regard to the team.


You did a great job on the Comic stories of Archilles Wiggen, but if you want to discuss the future twist of generation zero, you have to do more than point us to the comic series.
I don’t know those series. Alien invasion, tell us more.

I’d also like to know more about this idea of yours! :slight_smile:

Is that a real comic series?

Sry for the cliffhanger, but I just had to write something… to get me going.
Now when someone actually were interested, here is the follow up.

As Kari T. Leppänen’s homepage says:


In the beginning the Swedish jet-pilot captain Achilles Wiggen was captured by alien race and ta-

ken to deep space to the homeplanet of unaxians. They needed his help to fight asmoroog-clones who were conquering their planet. Next parts

were fighting agains those clones and Wiggen managed to destroy their plans to occupy a planet after a planet with help of JPX, an unaxian bioid.

Then the story turned to an odysseia asWiggen is trying to return back to Earth.


I have made some scans from the first series published in Fantomen 1983 nr14, to get the interest up even more for this superb series. Hope that Kari do not disapprove.

Picture 1-3 explains how the aliens gets “first contact”,

Picture 4-5 explains why (I hope)

Ohh :scream: darn!
New forum users can only post five pictures in a reply…

more to come in the next post.

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Continuing from the previous post:

Picture 4-5 explains why (I hope)

Picture 6 how the Asmoroog:erna can travel between planets in a instance.

If first contact were 1983 and GZ is in late 1989, the Asmoroogs have had six year planning on getting back at the spices called Wiggen. Or is there a connection between the biomechanic/electrical knowledge which I just found out about in GZ, since I have not played the whole GZ story yet, no spoilers thank you :exclamation:
Maybe they sent a ordinary ship with a bio-transporter on to earth… who knows ?! It is up to the story teller at Avalanche Studios.

What to look for at the comic store :wink:

Apologize for assuming that everyone can read Swedish… well there is always google translate :wink:



I don’t know why I thought I could read that.

I honestly felt like a little kid looking at the pictures not being able to read. Lol

It looks cool though