A Generation Zero Book?

Hi there! This is the start of the siege of stockholm Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes if there is any! Enjoy reading! I would love to hear Feedback be it good or bad! (This is based off my thoughts on what Sweden is like so don’t go OMG he said it so it must be true! This is based off the game and is just a story!:upside_down_face:)

The Siege of Stockholm

This is where in my mind generation zero if it was anywhere would be.

That line marks the extent of machine control north of that line is human controlled
stockholm%20under%20seige%203 !

What is left of Sweden there are small pockets of resistance everywhere but not much now

Prime Minister Palle Jarnfjall of Sweden was examining the war-board when the soldier burst in screaming in hysterics. After several minutes of trying to calm him down he grabbed the prime ministers face and whispered “their over the bridges”and then fell unconscious. “Sir, we need you” Said General Isak Sparv showing no emotion walking back to the war board, to move some icons. Palle Sighed recently there had been more and more offensives getting closer and closer before they are stopped. Only last week had headquarters needed to move as an artillery shell smashed through the roof and deployed a hundred of those tiny ones. Why had he agreed to Fredrick’s plan? Well we need to keep moving forward he thought walking over to the war board and analysing it and noticing a massive red blob moving. “What is that?” he asked knowing exactly what it is.

Isak replied “Not good Sir they are making a final push to the fuel deposits. If that wasn’t bad enough there appears to be a new Harvester Sir.” “One of those chemical weapons types?” Palle asked feeling 20 years older “Right on sir” said Isak looking grim and hesitating “Sir, we have received strange reports of a change in behaviour of the harvesters” “Really?” exclaimed Palle curious “what is different?” “Well Sir they used to just be used as a mobile command and support for the other machines but now they gather resources more and more often I want to know where they are carting these resources and if there is a way to get them back” Palle sighed his ranks were very thin already only having around 10,000 total troops of which 3000 are injured and likely a few more would die today. “ General, You have my permission to lead a team of no more than 12 with no vehicles to investigate for 1 week before heading back to base if you are not back in 2 weeks you will be assumed dead,”

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