A group has been left out of the update!

I just saw there latest letter and thedevs asked how they can make their accessibility better. How bout you guys make it so Xbox can access the new update there’s a start!!! Just if anyone didn’t notice I’m a pissed Xbox player!!!

I bet they didn’t do this on purpose and are working on a fix. But as they said it will take some time.

I suggest you change your tone. This forum is not the place to vent your frustration. I can feel that this is annoying but neither the forum members nor the devs planned this and want this to happen too.


At least it’s not a repeat of the finx rising dlc release delay. I think it was that one that PlayStation players got it last close to 3 months after Xbox. (Feel free to correct me is wrong)

Its not a easy process to post updates to the consoles, so i doubt that avalanche is the culprit here…
The verification process on both consoles does take a lot of time, from what ive gathered this is because the console makers need to verify and accept the update before it goes live.

If you really want the updates on day one, then why are you on a console in the first place?
Its not like average pc’s lack HDMI and gamepad support, and they definitely dont cost more (when comparing same specs/performance).

Like @liggisten says, this is due to the verifiation process for the companies that own the consoles, not the developers of the game. The plan is not to alienate players. If anything, be angry at Microsoft for delaying this process for Xbox.

Since the question has been answered I’ll be locking this :lock: