A hoard mode in the game?


I would love to see first a hoard mode when it’s you versus waves of robots that would be really cool. Also, a mode when you spawn randomly with a pistol and some random items and a bunch of machines are tracking you down the whole time.


To be honest, I would probably never play this mode (horde mode). For me it would be wastesd development time. In other game like darksiders or batman, there were challenge modes like this and i got bored so fast.


It could work, though they’d have to disable looting the machines as well as despawning the corpses after a certain point to avoid performance issues. I think you’d have to stick to a certain area as well, that you can defend.


I thought the Plundra was for the hoard mode? :smile:


Yeah I also understand that getting it to run smoothly would be hard since even now when there are 4 or 5 machines at once it lags.


I disagree with that, I just ran a 4 hour co-op session and at one point we faced 6 Harvesters at one time with around 20 Runners, 2 Tanks and a party of Hunters and we had no lag whatsoever.


Are you playing on a decent pc?


I don’t think Gen0 suits a horde mode tbh, the game is made around the fact that’ll you’ll usually see enemies first allowing you to set up diversions and ambushes to outfox the enemy rather than the enemies finding you first. A better mode for this sort of game would be a competitive race to hunt down and kill a particular machine,points gained for, kills, shooting off components and tagging your prey, points lost for death.


Imagine 34 Runners and 18 Hunters wallhugging the safehouse you are holed up in…
And your crosshair going allover the place because of the incessant beeping by 7 different Seekers…

Horde mode? With the current AI ? LOL !!


Yes current AI but they can be improved and alltered to fix a hoard mode