A Letter of Appreciation

This Post is (as the title says) a Letter of Appreciation. The Goal is to tell all Members of the Dev Team how much we appreciate what they have done for us so far.

On the 30th June the Topic will be closed.

I start:

I absolutely love how much you guys listen to us,
for example in the last months I noticed just how many people had issues and one by one you fixed it in incredible speed, showing just how much you care about the community.

You did a pretty good job so far.

Keep up the good work. :+1:


This is extremely kind of you, will make sure to share this thread with the team! Thanks for your support, we appreciate it very much!


Hey devs! Thank you for the development of this game all the way back since 2019, The game then is very different from the game now and I’m grateful that generation zero is being given the time and care it needs to become what it has undoubtedly always deserved.
Even at its lowest point when I and others on x box had to wait 8 months for the resistance update my support did not falter and I shall always be a staunch supporter of this game. Expansions like Alpine unrest and just the lore alone is amazing. I love the sense that there is always a question left unanswered and half the game is spent putting together the pieces of an ever growing puzzle. Gameplay is top notch, though performance is sometimes slow on my older console (it’s 6 years old now anyway so I don’t really blame the game) defeating enemies is satisfying and I am always excited when I open the game. The community has always been great to interact with I remember the forum going wild with the strange cannon explosion happening at masskar in a prelude to the resistance update. Sincerely, I thank the devs for creating some of my most fond memories which could not have occurred without the creation of this splendid game.
I hope the developers continue to develop this game and wish them all good luck and good fortune. :+1:
In short, Thank you for all those times I got blow up with a gas canister by a friend while in my inventory :grinning:

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This game keeps me coming back, in fact it kept me sane during lockdown :joy::+1:
So yeah a big thanks to all who contribute

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I took about a year break from this game and just recently came back to it - three of my friends have also just bought it the other day and we’re having an absolute ball playing it as a quad. It’s as fun as I remember, and then some, but with many great new additions. Still one of my favourites. Thanks to all the work the team continuously puts into it.


Dear @Avalanche_Pontus, dear @devs,

thank you very much for your wonderful work. I have been playing this game since December 2019 and since then I am always in this lovingly detailed world you have created. Even if I have already played all the missions and found all the collectables, this game world always offers opportunities for interesting wanderings on the so great designed map.

As an aside, it has inspired me to write a story that has been posted here on the forum under “Helldivers Diary” and by the way, it continues. Within this nice community, I have found many friends scattered far and wide across Europe with whom I regularly exchange ideas.

I am curious what the future will bring, be it a new DLC with a new map or exciting missions or maybe a GZ 2.0. I am curious about the future.