A little feedback list

Hi there,

I’ve been playing the game for 27 hours now, still haven’t got to “big island” and so far I’ve gathered these points of interest for you (the developers):

I’ve tried to categorize them somewhat, so it’s actually readable.

  • Stacking of ammo you pick up goes wrong a LOT. You get multiple stacks and you have to re-stack them manually.
  • If you get ammo that’s equipped on a weapon, it doesn’t add to that ammo-pool first, so you have to unequip the ammo from the weapon, re-stack and equip again. (can save up to 2 inventory spaces)
  • If you have items in your “equipped” slots (4,5,6,7) you can only replace them by going from backpack to them, not the other way around
  • There is no way to split stacks (may just be me), which would be very nice for those playing multiplayer…
  • There is no “sorting” button on the inventory, so whenever you think you have everything sorted and you pick something up that needs 2 or 3 slots, it gets scrambled beyond recognition. This hurts my autistic self and makes me spend more time in the inventory even more than the re-stacking of ammo on itself and weapons.
  • A little better mouse-over-stats would be nice, as right now I have little to no clue what the different grades of gear do, let alone some weapons; rather hard to compare and drop something if you can’t make an educated guess. For instance; deciding between the .243 or the .270 rifle, or the Automatgevär 4/5/47 models…
  • 20 lock-picks take up the same space as a big explosive gas tank, or a boombox… those last two I actually understand and that they’re not stackable I totally get, but the lock-picks…?
  • A stupid (minor) thing that really bugs me personally is the “small fuel cell”. It’s red, except for the small icon in the inventory. I (again, this is just me personally) therefore cannot use it.


  • In some bunkers, the “keypads” can be accessed from the inside. It would be nice if there was a keypad on the inside as well, or no prompt to glitch it through the wall like this.
  • It would be nice to have a “general area” marker for missions that are activated/tracked. Currently they aren’t doing anything. Don’t make them too specific though, takes all the paying attention and searching out of the game.
  • There are several missions that require to kill enemies in an area, and when coming to said area there are no bots to kill. However, I’ve found on several occasions, that when joining another player and going to that area yields enemies to kill, but the mission will not complete.
  • Even a single storage/bank/whatever would be awesome. Half of the backpack size for storing gear that you don’t use, but “just can’t throw away”.


  • World-weapons (that aren’t in a container) don’t have mouse-over stats or anything, and with a near constant full inventory it’s a real hassle to unequip all attachments/ammo/weapon, pick it up to see quality and decide if you want to keep it.
  • Would be nice to see the equipped ammo type either in lower right corner. Even in the inventory on mouse-over would be a great improvement.
  • Sometimes when picking up gear I’ve noticed it says “no stat given” or something.
  • On a lot of gear, the bar of whatever stat it governs is halfway filled. How does this quantify in the game-play, as I’ve yet to notice that much difference.
  • I’m missing the stamina bar. It doesn’t even have to be green, just be “there”.


  • A LOT of enemies can melee through walls, it would be nice if they respected the collision rules a bit more…
  • The ticks… we have to talk about them. They’re annoying to say the least, and even if they fly right by you, they do 25 damage. They have a really weird hit-the-player-box.
  • Enemies have superduper seismographs, as they can hear/see the player through about 50 meters of mountain…
  • Bullet drop; haven’t noticed/seen any… just saying.
  • It would be nice to have an auditory/visual confirmation that you’ve hacked an enemy (when using the remote hacking skill).
  • The cooldown on the remote hacking skill… would be nice to have a bar/counter going down and/or have it blink while in action (when it doesn’t cooldown).
  • Havester/Tank gasclouds (on kill) are most of the time invisible (but deadly)


  • Can there be a lobby instead of a “random” factor? I can keep joining the same party 5/6 times in a row instead of choosing one with the people that I like/like me.
  • On that point, can there be a kick+ban for getting permanently rid of some players?
  • Setting your game to “private” doesn’t necessarily work, people keep on joining if I need some “me-time”.
  • In the Steam overlay (shift-TAB), there’s this little box with “view players”. This is mighty handy, as it allows you to add friends on the list. Especially when the game crashes or you get a disconnect, it takes the guesswork out.
  • The chatbox. Can you at least make it so that you can copy/paste text? I understand the lack of need for voicechat, but at least let me paste a TeamSpeak IP address that they can then copy without resorting to shredded trees and ink…
  • Joining a multiplayer game is “broken” in that whenever you select 2/3 players it ignores that completely, so ending up in a game with 1 other person.

I think the game is good, and I’ll keep playing it, I just feel that these things can make it even better.
I love the quiet, no-stress walking around looking for lore and gear, sometimes solo, sometimes multi. Very nice to switch this up with the unease of having the feeling of too little ammo/explosives and too many tanks/harvesters around at the same time.

Thank you for not betraying my trust (earlier post months back) and actually putting down a game that has (IMO) a solid base to work from, I hope you guys are working hard and passionately and if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.

Anyway, let me know what you think, I’d love to chat with you guys on TS or something. Rather not Discord though, I do have it, but I don’t like it. Yes I also still use Winamp. It’s just the way things have to be for me.

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On PS4 the frame rate when encountering tons of bots at one time drop to barley playble very hard to hit them then lol really fun game I hope other players realize that soon