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Hey, how about some body armour, bullit proof vest. something. and the gas mask are in the dress up section, not working when put on. the hunters are brutial. armour piercing bullits hard to get. the spawning of tanks and then they dissapper and then reappear. Love the game. how about a sleep mode. nightime is hard to hunt and they always see you before you see them. just some thoughts. i play adventure mode. just know making it to north wow tough. better wepons early make it easy, a pistol and an smg do not cut it. can not stop playing though.

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The main theme in GZ is that you’re underpowered. You need to choose if the fight is worth it or not quite often and sometimes it’s wise not to engage an enemy and stay hidden. You’ll find better and different weapons later on, don’t you worry.

This is true. I am way more defensive during the dark hours of the game and try to use the night to do some exploration. I maxed out my crouch speed so I am almost crouching at the same speed as I would when walking.

It’s like with the weapons: you’ll find them later on with a larger chance.

Well there are some schematics you can find which provide a small bonus to bullet resistance. You can apply them at a sewing station. You’ll need some resources for that so it’s a good thing to pick some up when you find them and store them in the recycling station.

There is a topic for a faster way to put on the gas mask: Quicker way to equip gasmask and another topic where Björn from the GZ team explained how gas masks work in the game: Let's talk about gas + gas masks.

With this (night-time), the whole idea is learning about your enemy. For example, to me, night-time is excellent since i can detect machines in far longer distances than in day-time.

How is this possible? Well, i’ll give you two tips:

  1. During night-time, all machines have headlights and they stick out like a sore thumb. Very easy to spot them.
  2. Keep your ears open. Very often, you will hear machines long before you can actually see them.

But if you want to see the machines during night-time then get your hands on an IR vision mod and equip it to your binoculars or scoped weapon. IR vision mod is the best when spotting machines visually and is a great asset any time of the day.

However, if you walk around by being completely oblivious what is going around you, then you will get ambushed and killed by the machines.

Invest into Salvage skill if you want to find more ammo.

Given that you did the two 1st side missions (The Hunter and Old Bettan), you should also have 12G shotty and .243 sniper rifle in your arsenal. Also, when you complete the Vesslan bunker main mission, you’ll find assault rifle in there as well.

thank you to all. going to use that info.

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Hello and welcome :wave: @eagleye. Nice to see that there is another old boy in the game.
As said above. You will find better weapons in the start region on the roof of the kiosk in Yttervik is a Klaucke Pistol and also in the little military camp near the Stenhaga Farm. You will find a sniper rifle in Björksnäs. Be aware of Joe (a hunter that is lurking between Björksnäskogen and Yttervik, i baptised im Joe). :smiley: In the Salthamm Bunker you will find a AG 4 Assault rifle. And as Aesyle said above, don’t miss the Old Bethan in the Ibboholmen Church at the belltower. When you go out in the night don’t walk the streets. Better you go through the would a little away from the street.

If you need further Informations, don’t hesitate to ask. In my case it will take a liitle time due to the time gap between california and germany.

Have fun in the game

greetings from germany :wave:


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I have music turned off, and this helps me a LOT.
I never hunt on sight, always by hearing.

Unless you like the music too much, you could try this yourself, it helps a lot. :slight_smile:

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A tip on the Hunters:

Destroy their weapons first.

Are you being chased around buildings? Circle around and whack his arm gun. Even a few shotgun shots will destroy it. You have a small army of Hunters in an open field? Keep snipering that arm canon. 3 unarmed Hunters is the equivalent of dancing with kittens. The ONLY exception to this rule are Apoc Hunters. Their shoulder cannons happen to have the same life as their entire body…


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I have that yellow bar turned off, too. I have to hide until I see them.