Quicker way to equip gasmask


Is it possible to have the ability to equip gas mask to toolbar for the ability to equip it quickly? :thinking:
Fumbling through menus and scrolling down inventory choices is very inefficient when mid battle and something decides to hurl a gas grenade at you! :unamused:

I have lost more health to trying to equip a mask when I have been surrounded and trapped in a house, than damage from gunfire!

Button to equip gas mask

You & I have talked about this during both our Mixer streams of the game & I think you are right on this. Thanks for finally posting it here!


Offer an equip slot for a Gasmask, tap G to don/doff seems pretty reasonable (or tap G to equip, hold G to remove, unless you also want a obscurement/wipe mechanic like Metro).

If you could keep newly found Gasmasks with a better Gas Resistance than keeping worse ones the player already has of the same colour/type, that would be nice too.


Yes, i support this. If I remember correct in Battlefield 1 thr gas mask was on a key too (it hink it was T). G was always the key for Granates.
Btw it would be cool to have G here too to threw, lets say the item in the first slot, instantly. And not first take it in your hand, throw it and switch back to the gun.


I would prefer a fixed hot key like G for the gas mask over one of the hot slots. They are already few. Moving a flare to a slot before throwing it already kinda sucks time-wise.


That would work great on a pc and keyboard, but what about console/ controller players?

Yes I agree slots are limited, but I would sacrifice one to have a gas mask equipped, it would still be quicker to carry one in your inventory and equip to slot bar than scrolling through two menu’s to find it.

Maybe a happy medium can be found if anything were to be done with equipping the mask.

Alpine Unrest - Update Notes

The gas mask currently does not offer any protection against gas, though.


Then why do we have it. When you put it on it blurs your vision. If it does nothing it is a negative.


It does nothing? So it doesn’t offer any protection when entering gas filled bunkers?

I always equip the mask when going into bunkers, yes my health drops , but doesn’t fall all the way to the point I die when the mask is equipped, without the mask, I would most definitely need to respawn.


Have you ever heard of project cars? it is on consoles too, it was designed for PC but somehow they managed for the keys /controller buttons to work, so just another function for the gas mask is ok i think.


That is good to know. I will pay attention to that. Thank you.


If you’ve invested in the Chemist Perk your health will fall to a certain threshold, usually 20% or so, and stay there. But gas masks, along will all other pieces of clothing have had their stats set at zero for a while now.


Bit pointless having them in the game if that’s the case, so no bullet resistance, or explosive resistance either, very disappointing but good to know!
Maybe it’s time these things were implemented in the game, instead of giving the player the false impression that particular items will give you a small boost.

I feel cheated :unamused:


I do believe the devs planned on revamping the system at some point or removing it entirely, it doesn’t make much sense why only some cosmetic items should have stats, especially if they dropped at random. People should be allowed to dress their characters how they want.


Please allow us to click one button and put on our gas mask!


Yes please! :smiley:
I find it hard to find a spare button on my gamepad tho, perhaps i can hardware mod it? :crazy_face:
long-press the activate/reload-key could work tho…


Or at least make the gas mask an inventory object.


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