Quicker way to equip gasmask

But it is for just cosmetics only. Why waste a button/slot to use something that has no function? First the gas masks need to work.

Gas is so uncommon I don’t think it’s really necessary to make a whole new system for the gas mask.

The only times gas is a problem is in some rooms in bunkers and some machines deploy it when you get too close. For the gas rooms, they’re small and there’s usually only one, so you don’t even need to put on a gas mask. Even if you want to, you’re not in a hurry so you can just wait by the doorway and put it on. And when machines deploy gas it only lasts like 10 seconds in a small radius that you can run out of easily.

The gas mask itself isn’t even that helpful. Obscures your vision for 20% gas resistance.

Unless they added a whole region or area full of gas I don’t they really need to rework the inventory for the sake of gas masks.


Well, it’s not a new system but, as I’ve discovered reading here, the removal of an old one. :slight_smile:

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