Suggestion: Mark items in inventory as favorite

i just tought it would be cool to have the ability to mark items as favorite.
items marked as favorite will be treated like equipped items; meaning they cant be quickstashed into the stash and will remain in inventory when you press “stash all in category”.
trying to stash these manually will result in a “are you sure you want to stash this item” screen to pop up with yes/no. it would be cool if this screen also popped up for the equipped items (as it doesnt do that now either).

this would make the game feel a tad less like an inventory managing simulator.

i have seen 2 posts like these before, one in 2019 and one in 2020. i cant imagine it being such a difficult system to put in place so im here to ask for it again nearly 3 years later.


Or could there maybe be one more category that would show the marked favorites? We have categories for the ammo and use items, but maybe a new category that would enlist any item that has been marked as a favorite? I would find that helpful as I use the majority of my wheel for weapons. I would love to be able to just mark like my healing items as favs so I could just get to them quicker.

So like a second weapon wheel, but not as a wheel for quick selection, but as an own category of items in your inventory?

Sounds not bad. I always have some items I hate to have to change the tab and scroll for them because I need them often, but not as often that I would place them on the wheel.

It should either be set most left or be preselected, if you have items in there.

There is just one thing I’d like to add:

The current favorites-system is intended for being able to mark items (ressources) for loot, so that you can see faster if there is anything that you want.
You would want to use it for another purpose, which doesn’t make sense for marked ressources.

So there should be another category of favorites.

  1. Favorites for loot
  2. Favorites for use (new inventory tab)

And to expand it with a feature for the newly added companions, a scavenger companion should also get an option to just take loot that is marked as favorite.

Favorites yes! That way I can no longer accidently recycle my experimental weapon because the item that I saw was next on the list was something I wanted to get rid of, only for the items to jump out of the order they were in and the wrong thing gets scrapped cause I wasn’t paying attention!

I hate that! Why does it do that?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m thinking! :grinning: :+1:

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