Alpine Unrest - Update Notes


Published on 2019-11-25

This month we’re proud to put into your hands our first expansion, Alpine Unrest! In order to bring you this substantial update to the game, we needed to give it the appropriate amount of time. Work started a few months ago and was done in parallel with the other updates we brought your way - with the aim to help set the stage for this release.

There’s a lot to go over this month, and not all of it is limited to the paid expansion. We have bug fixes as usual, but on top of that we also have some goodies that are readily found in Alpine Unrest making their way to Östertörn in a limited fashion. All-in-all this is a major achievement for the team and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

Now… the island of Himfjäll awaits.

New Expansion: Alpine Unrest

Alpine Unrest takes place on the island of Himfjäll, off the east coast of Östertörn. This former popular ski destination is now abandoned, waiting for you to explore it for equipment, weapons, answers to new questions, and more. The town consists of several key locations, including towns with cafés and shops, caravan parking lots, military bases, ski slopes, a burning church, and the massive ski hotel Björntunet.

On top of that, the new island also continues the story of Generation Zero, providing new missions and introducing you to new allies - a group of survivors who have managed to survive the machine invasion against all odds. But we can’t introduce new friends without also giving you new enemies, and that is where the Apocalypse Class comes in. This new tier of machine are the deadliest to date, utilizing horrible weapons like flamethrowers and biochemical guns to try and take you down. So make sure to be extra careful when moving around the island.

Lastly a new expansion would be nothing without new weapons, clothes, collectibles, and achievements. Alpine Unrest introduces Machine Guns to the game: the KVM 59 Machine Gun and KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon. Both of these will be excellent tools for fighting back. Additionally we have new outfits, new things to collect and of course, new achievements to unlock. So keep an eye out, you never know where they might be found.


But that doesn’t mean you’re safe on the mainland. While the Apocalypse Class machines cover Himfjäll, some have made their way over to Östertörn and may appear in select areas of the mainland, should you be unlucky enough to run into them. Thankfully, the new Machine Gun class of weapons we’ve introduced can also be found by all players. There is a twist though, you’ll have to defeat some of the new machines to have a chance to get them. But, new challenges bring new rewards - good luck!

General bug fixes that will come as a standard “free” update alongside the launch of Alpine Unrest follow below:


  • Fixed an issue where the firing mode of an automatic weapon would be reset after attaching a weapon mod
  • Fixed an issue where there was no quality level shown for the AK47 extended magazines
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong weapon icon would be displayed while ADS then equipping another weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the equip animation for the already equipped weapon would play while equipping a new weapon
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the M49 Rocket would appear back in your hand after reloading only 1 rocket
  • Fixed an issue where the reload animation for the Experimental M49 would clip into your face when reloading only 1 rocket
  • Fixed an issue where the Experimental M49 would automatically fire it’s second rocket when your character stood up after being knocked down in between firing the first and second rounds


  • Fixed an issue where the yellow outline would persist on machines after unequipping binoculars
  • Toned down the distance the POIs were seen during the “Back on Track” mission
  • Fixed an issue where POIs were not shown for all machines you needed to destroy during the “To the Lighthouse” mission
  • Fixed an issue where the unlock icon was inconsistent on the locked door during the “To the Lighthouse” mission
  • Fixed an issue where there was no interact prompt for the bunker doors at the Mården bunker
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed blast doors had an interact prompt


  • Fixed an issue where “Behind the Curtain” was not unlocking / appearing in the mission log
  • Fixed an issue where “A Wrench in the Works” was not unlocking / appearing in the mission log after completing all missions
  • Fixed an issue where the bunker doors during the mission “The Old Guard” were not recognizing players correctly
  • Updated the mission item asset to show a map as well as a transcript for the “Total Defense” mission
  • Fixed an issue where the mission item “Håkan Petersson’s Journal” did not appear in the mission log for the mission “To the Lighthouse”
  • Fixed an issue where the mission “The Hunter” would become blocked if you picked up mission items before you were on that step of the mission


  • Fixed an issue with the “Abandoned Places” path would not complete even though you completed the “Behind the Curtain” mission


  • Fixed various apparel issues, including the Antarctic Jacket making it impossible to load into the game
  • Polished various reloading animations


  • Fixed an issue where Runners and Ticks would slide after performing a melee attack
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters and Ticks would sometimes change direction when performing a melee attack
  • Fixed an issue where Ticks would sometimes spawn outside houses instead of inside
  • Fixed an issue where if a Tank’s machine gun was destroyed by the fire damage from the AG4 rounds, it would still shoot
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter shotgun flechettes would stick into your character and remain there until they exploded
  • Fixed issues with the Rival history information not updating correctly in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where machines destroyed by a friendly deployable tick would not add to your combat stats or Challenges


  • Fixed an issue where machines would sometimes spawn on top of an underground area (ex. bunker) instead of inside it while in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t shoot through gaps in the wood in certain sheds
  • Gave the duplicate church names for Boo and Angerås their proper names
  • Fixed an issue where machines weren’t spawning properly near the Norrmyra Artillery Base
  • Players will now take gas damage properly, and can die from it, instead of stopping at 25 health
  • Cleaned up tons of small environment bugs; ex. Floating objects, geometry tears, odd collision points, flicker decals, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where the map coordinates were displaying the wrong values
  • Fixed a bike spawn issue at the Järvhålan safehouse

Localization, Voice-Over, & Audio

  • Fixed an issue where the VO and text would only play for the player who picked up a mission item
  • Fixed an issue where if you had completed the mission, the mission item VO from the “Calling for Help” would always play once you started the game
  • Fixed an issue where VO lines could get stacked up and then all play on top of each other during the “Behind the Curtain” mission
  • Fixed an issue where VO lines would repeat and get mixed with an explosion sound during the “Behind the Curtain” mission
  • Increased the volume of the Challenge completion fanfare sounds
  • Several small wording fixes for missions, mission items, and UI prompts
  • Outdoor ambience portals. Outdoor weather is now audible through open doorways and broken windows, and transitions between indoors and outdoors work better


  • Various crash fixes, including a crash fix for when items were attempted to be put in a full Storage Box

Players will now take gas damage properly, and can die from it, instead of stopping at 25 health

Does this mean the gas mask has been fixed?
I didn’t see that in the notes, I may of missed it.

But a pretty impressive list of fixes none the less.


Aaaagh! No disappearing mines, tanks and gas bottles fixed, then…? Bleat. How are we to destroy Apocalypse machines without being able to draw them into ambushes, from further away than twenty or thirty metres? I was soooo hoping. Pleeeasse for the next one. I am willing to beg, and others are too. In fact I am willing to pay for the upgrade as DLC!


We have been told by @Zesiir that the gas mask no longer works with that in mind & with the current “fix” are there plans to turn the gas mask function back on? Thanks for your time.

@LadyNibiru I see you beat me to it…lol


i thought that was a feature and was rather cool


I did as well…lol. It looked great watching it in a fight!


@SteampunkPagan unless there is a fix for the gas mask, I don’t see how anyone can get into a gas filled bunker to turn on the power, unless you chow down on those medpacks like the cookie monster with the munchies, would of also liked to of seen a fix for the random blackouts, didn’t see that either, can’t have everything I guess!


Nice the Phantom weapons will be fixed :+1:
Sadly no quality of life, inventary or shooter improvements :confused:

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Yea even with the skill trained I would have to agree with you here.


Good to see a lot of improvements being made. Really hoping you guys worked out the worst of the crashing issues. Any ETA for the Update and release of the DLC?

Edit: @Bootie Looks like I was right, Norrmyra is getting populated again :robot:


There are so many things in here that will have MAJOR implications for the game, sheds will now be a tactile position to shot from, ticks and hunters will be less annoying to deal with, reload times will likely see a minor change and then on top of all that alpine looks like an amazing experience for us as the players. and so many props are due for you dudes working on this all while bringing us major updates along the way, the development of this game has been so interesting to watch along the way and this explains a ton for us as to why the updates have happened as they have, it all makes sense now :smiley: Cannot wait for tomorrow!


I actually dreamt about the Alpine Unrest DLC last night. Roaming around, looting supplies in run-down ski lodges while avoiding the new machines. Y’think they’d release the update tomorrow already?

Updated: The official Generation Zero Twitter confirms it; The DLC and Update both release tomorrow!


So is the multiplayer crash fixed or not? Only one item under crashed, and not much explanation what where fixed.


Why just a burning church?


Yesss tomorrow more science for me seeing as the island red tape will be cut :grinning: here i come :boom::rowing_man: boat up a slope any one ? :rofl::+1: i call on the forum to build some hype in this here announcement thread lets have it gang :heart_eyes:

Why not :+1::grinning:

I know i expected it on Thursday after we’d get a new sneak peek but honestly tomorrow makes this so much more exciting, what company is like "here’s our biggest DLC/update yet, and for the cherry on top it drops tomorrow :wink: " these guys are madlads and are treating us so well with alpine.
I actually did too after the stream last week, had a crazy dream of fighting on the ski slope, though i was killing all the machines far too easily in comparison to how difficult it will be in reality :'D
Man i can’t wait, i wish we could just buy the DLC now so it’s fresh and ready for the update tomorrow!


Because death metal that’s why my friend :metal::metal:


You’ll have your hands full I suspect, making video’s about this. It’s pretty big news :slight_smile:


Sooo many videos my dude :smiley: I can’t wait to explore all these new apocalypse machines in and out to find the ways we can defeat them! Haha just coming off a bender of coming up with 30 traps in like two weeks, gz keeps me busy a plenty :grin: I can’t wait to see the communities reaction to these new machines as well, i expect lots of screaming and running in terror :joy: