A little help with farming


I’ve been farming black and red harvesters for gold weapons but haven’t been able to get any since the patch have the loot table changed or am I just unlucky


The first April patch totally screwed up loot tables from robots. They weren’t dropping anything of value. All platforms got this patch. However, the PC patch released last week seemed to fix it.

I’m playing on PC. I believe that latest fix hasn’t made it to consoles as of yet though (read the patch release notes for details - https://forum.generationzero.com/t/april-update-pc-hotfix-win7-8-issues/). If you’re a console player, then that’s likely the problem. If you’re on PC, then you likely only have serious bad luck.


I must be lucky first gold weapon drop was a sniper .AI-76/klaucke and rocket launcher can pick up would like gold 50 cal but purple works fine


All my attachments to my guns were gold, but only had a gold Klauke. I’ve been rocking purple AG5 and .50 cal since before the big update a couple of weeks ago. After that, the big machines were no longer dropping anything useful other than ammo.

Finally the day that they released the latest PC patch last week, I picked up a gold AG5 from a dead harvester. Now I just need the gold .50 cal and I’m set.


I just had another gold sniper /magnum and shotgun drop may have to create another toon don’t need them