A little too much “flair” with my flares

**Platform:Xbox One

**Host or Client: Client

**Players in your game: 2

**Specifications: When I host a game and toss a flare, my buddy playing online, also on an xbox one, can hear the flare sound effect long after it burns out on mine and it doesn’t stop until he leaves the area, love the game by the way! We both do!!

Welcome to the forums, ZedMike! :slight_smile: Thanks for your bug report. It does seem like there are some similar audio bugs that are in the game. Such as hearing flares noise even after they burn out, machines dying and clipping through walls making loud metal clanking sounds, and even robots still making noises after they’ve been killed.

Hey! I figured we weren’t the only ones to report it but figured I’d put it in there just in case! We streamed the game last weekend for about 4 hours, it’s pretty great so far!

No problem with that at all. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and supporting it!

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