A loud Splash sound without any water in the spot

Have you experienced a surprising SPLASH played by the game, in some random place, where is no water at all ? It arrives to me from time to time. Is it a minor bug, or some intended event ?

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That random splashlike sound I hear quite often actually. Don’t know how to reproduce it, but maybe sometimes tied to switch between characters.
Experienced a lot of audio bugs lately btw.

I’ve experienced it as well. It even happened during the last Q&A Stream, but I don’t think Graham and Mat noticed. It certainly sounds like a bug, so I’ll move the topic to Bug Reports.

Very well, It seems to me a (minor) bug as well.

Never encountered this one, but I do often hear something that sounds like a small animal child snoring loudly in a somewhat cartoony fashion in random places.

I get this glich all the time there is just so much wrong with this game its sad because it has great potential but falls flat on so many things

That’s possibly your specialty perk returned to be used again. Is it a swush like water sounds you typical hear in movies of people jumping in river waters?

Yep, heard it too. An extremely weird bug but perhaps not the most urgent one to fix :wink:

Heard it many timea in mp on PS4. But only me as host. Not the clients.

I get it very rarely but it always gives me a real shock. It sounds like it’s something right next to or behind me when it hits and it is very loud. It’s like someone flushes a big digital toilet. In the first microsecond it sounds like a machine doing something terrible towards me. It is so bizarre. Having worked with audio production a good bit in my life what I think it might actually be is some form of initialization of a new DSP effect, or switching over from a different one, or switching out underlying voices. In a music setup if you have an effects processor that your instruments are feeding into and you change something on your instrument it can cause bizarre loud noises to come out of the effects processor because the effects processor is taking a pop or click that occurs from the switch and just turning it into something weird. Also if you have an effects processor that doesn’t gate or dampen the output when you switch effects and you switch to a different effect whilst you are in the midst of outputting sound to it a lot of strange things can happen in the audio. As the processors switch over to a different effect they pick up bits of the last effect and it just gets strange. This is not so common now because modern processors usually reset or clear the memory before switching, or at least suppress the output for a few seconds upon changing the effect bank. That’s about the only thing I can come up with here, and it does sound like that kind of thing.

GZ has distinct soundscapes for distinct areas which I’m sure anyone playing with audio on has noticed. Sometimes these transitions are more abrupt than others. Not only do the ambient sounds change but you can clearly hear they are using a lot of digital effects as well. So for example perhaps at times you cross an invisible terrain crossover point where the audio engine brings in new ambient effects and it has a different effect assigned than the one you just crossed over from but it’s not a “clean” effects change so you get a bizarre noise as one digital effect gets shut down and another begins. This is most likely to create such a sound when there is heavy reverb or echo or combinations thereof. That’s my theory on it anyway, sorry that I’m not able to explain it with the proper terminology or more clearly.


I might have just discovered what is causing this strange sound.

In the starting area one of the first safehouses you find is a church. The next one down the road is a farm.
I left that particular farm on bicycle to go on a ride down the road to see what trouble I could find.
At one point there is a car on a truck bed, a couple of wrecked vehicles and dead runners strewn about including on of one of the cars. There is also a dead soldier leaning against one of the vehicles. It is normal to get ambushed by three runners here. I dispatched the runners, looted the cars then continued down the road on my bicycle.

Suddenly as I road the bike I fell through the road. Underneath the road was a lot of empty space and then an endless ocean of water. I fell on my bike all the way to the water and was asked if i wanted to revive or abandon the game. Terrific. It killed me. I fell through the terrain and died as I have heard about but never experienced.

Here’s the thing - underneath the entire world seems to be water. When I finally hit the water and died it made that gigantic splash sound.

I think when you hear that sound in the game it’s because a machine has fallen through the ground and made the big sploosh.

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Not the worst explanation I have heard.

Ive been playing with a headset on full volume (im partially deaf in both of my ears) and every once in a while that “Gigantic Splashing Sound” would play out of nowhere and give me some very good jump scares but it has kept me alert

Yeah I have started to get this on pc again on single and MP. Thought this was fixed. Not the worst bug though.

Both in Co-op and SP up in the NW area the big “SPLASH” sound could be heard from time to time again.

Last time was like a year ago when machines decided to take a swim in the infinitive ocean bellow.

Same issue topics merged.

Btw, i wouldn’t say 6 months is a year.


Either do I but this is in my games, SP and Co-Op’s and same for my friend.
It have been a splash-free world for both of us about a year (on Pc with all DLC’s).

If it’s consistent for all players - place and build # it’s a terrain bug.
If not - then there is more to be concerned about for the dev’s!


If this is still an issue for you, could you please send us a video of this happening? Please feel free to tag me here on the forums or contact me via support at Bug reporting

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