A New Boss System For Gen Z

I have been directed to this forum with my idea for a new type of boss system. As of Right now, you have a system where you can spawn a boss (the reaper) in any region. What if there was one for every region. A type of enemy for every region considering there are 6 types of enemies we’d have two of the same type. But I could imagine a boss for every type of enemy. Each could guarantee an exp weapon. And you’d spawn them in just like the reaper with the same tactic, except they’d be specific to certain regions.

Archipelago Region:
Now for the first region, it’d make sense that the boss there would be the tick boss. And I think for this boss it’d just be a tank that is covered head to toe in ticks. We’ve seen ticks kind of hack into radio towers so it’d make sense that a tick found a stray tank and decided to hack it attracting a bunch of other ticks. With this one it would spawn tons of FNIX lvl ticks and explosive ones. I think it’d be cool to have two types of cannons on it. One that shoots 4 explosive ticks at you (like the rockets on a tank) and the other weapon shooting already dead ticks at you (like the mini gun on the tank). The tank that is possessed, in my opinion should be a prototype one because it is still the first region. (There should be a lvl at which these start spawning in so that you don’t get exps too early in the game)

Farmlands Region:
For the Farmlands a Harvester. Mostly because the farmlands is the perfect environment and would make sense why a Harvester would be there. This harvester would act much more offensive. It wouldn’t spawn in hunters but have a fellow tank it spawns in at a very long recharge rate. It’s body would hang lower below it’s own legs like the tanks do. And it would act much more spider like. Even jumping up and coming down with it’s oil extracting thing and jump on you like the hunters do. It would be a military harvester with more hp and speed, also instead of a rocket launcher it’d have a mini gun too. This would be like a faster boss that you can’t run away from unless you kill it or die. It would also have immunity to slow down effects and emp effects. But it would take component damage harder while having a strong armor only destroy able with armor piercing ammo. Side note: It’d be really cool if this boss spawned in the crater. It makes a lot of sense seeing as all the downed trees look kind of like spider webs. And a crater would have walls it can jump onto also this harvester would be .75x the size of a normal harvester.

South Coast Region:
For the south coast I’m thinking a seeker. Now why a seeker? Especially as a boss it is the most useless enemy, but it has potential. The Seeker you’d spawn in wouldn’t be what you kill, no to kill it (just like the base mission) you’d have to kill waves of enemies. Except for two things they’re being spawned in by the seeker who’s really high up (btw the boss seeker being red and black would be sick) with a force-field on that you can’t shoot through until you kill his goons, his goons being FNIX class hunters that have shields as well, though they’d be much easier to destroy than the reapers, these goons would deal much more damage and move quicker and have higher health. An all-around buff except they wouldn’t be apoc because A.) Apocs aren’t as common there B.) The Seeker being red and black would match the FNIX class hunter. So, when you get through 2 waves of hunters the final wave is a tank that has a few self-detonating (could possibly become a weapon for the player just like the tick dispenser, it’d be cute to have a seeker following you around like a friend) seekers that It deploys that follow you and try to kill you by exploding near you no shield though. The tank wouldn’t have shields it’d be a normal fnix class tank with a small buff to damage. The self destructing seekers would look like normal FNIX class seekers (which is basically just all black). And once you get through the waves the seeker comes down and it has a KVM mounted to it so you gotta shoot off the shield and then kill it. It would ofc be able to take a few shots but would still have a small amount of health.

Next up is Himfall island, and boy oh boy I’ve had this one in my head for awhile. So there are a ton of Apoc enemies there, right. So while we’re discussing harvesters I have a idea for a boss harvester in Himfall. It would be apoc, and it would be quite deadly. First of all radioactive weapons would do jack squat against it. The lore behind this machine could be that there were people putting up a last defense in the island so they sent this beast of a harvester to finish the job. Let’s talk pure size. I’m thinking 1.5x the size of a normal harvester. And I’m thinking a lot of health (like a ton). But it’d have no shield, it wouldn’t take as much component damage and it’s armor would take only 75% of damage (so basically it has the vanguard specialization). For it’s weapons it’d have a guided missile launcher, with this you could still dodge it but it’d be more of a challenge cause rn most rocket launching weapons in the game don’t get close to anyone who’s paying attention. And this could possibly be a new vision module where you can scope with a rocket launcher and if you turn on the guided vision module it’ll basically auto lock on. Anyways back to the boss, it would use it’s oil pump thing like and attack but it’d be really slow so instead it’d push it into the ground and fill the ground with toxic stuff making radioactive cracks in the ground, and if you’re so unlucky to be hit by it you’d fall and also take some massive radiation damage standing on that radiated land would also cause radiation damage. Ofc it wouldn’t be too wide of a radius where the cracks form because an attack so instantaneous would be broken if it could reach you 30 yards away. It would still spawn in hunters, but they’d all be apoc not just one and there’d be more spawned in at once up to 6 and instead of where you kill all the hunters it respawns them, every time you kill one of them it replaces it as fast as possible. So continuous hunters would come at you even if you killed them. This harvester wouldn’t be able to be emped or staggered.

Mountains Region:
Next up the mountains region. For this region I think a runner boss would be cool. Now for this boss it would act much more like a wolf. There would be a whole pack with the leader being a bit bigger and more scarred-looking. With obvious signs of damage the back story here would be that it’s mother board or some sort of part part got broken before the islands were even invaded. It was a earlier more deadly design that didn’t make it as a final product because it cost too much. When the islands were invaded the other runners found this one, it being more aggressive due to it’s broken part/parts it naturally led the group making a giant pack. In this fight there’d be 38-40 runners (not including the boss) that attack and are apart of the pact, 16 are snipers equipped with a pvg the rest do only melee. Once all the goons are killed the final boss shows up (the bigger runner) and it is covered in a ton of armor. It’s armor also is immune to exp weapon effects and exp ammo effects, it moves fast (much faster than you) but it has only one weapon. (besides it’s sharp claws and metallic razor sharp teeth) it has a shotgun in its mouth if it knocks you down it’ll shoot you while you’re down. Having that damage it doesn’t wait to see if it’s enemies die, it tries to ensure it. A little side note it makes sense the runners would be in that region because of how wooded it is a seemingly optimal place for a wolf pack.

Marshlands Region:
For the next region, the marshlands region. I think the reaper would actually be a nice fit. It’s much more high-tech and the higher-tech stuff happens much more up north. The only thing I’d change is that I’d have it spawn every time within the testing facility, I mean that place just seems like a great place for a boss battle. As for the plot, the reaper made its way up north after encountering two other robots it deemed as an enemy it traveled as far away as possible and recuperated (yes something scared the reaper).

Forest Region:
So ofc now we must see what scared the reaper, que to the forest region. In there is a monster a hunter class that has two sword arms and two mounted incendiary kvm machine guns on its shoulders. Now unlike the rest, this one is a loner. During it’s making the creators messed up and made it hyper-aggressive to everything. It was made to be the apex of weapons as the government had asked for the perfect one, that’s what the reaper was supposed to be and the other mysterious boss I have yet to describe. Back to the hunter. What makes this hunter special is the insane (and I mean insane) speed it runs at and its incredible damage intake and output. The engineers managed to make a force field that can’t be broken externally, meaning you can’t actually break the force field but instead you must brute force it. Now this force field can’t stop all damage but it stops 90% no exaggeration. You would do only 10% of the damage you would’ve done if you shot this guy. The force field also stops exp ammo types, but it does not stop the effects of exp weapons. It also stops toxins, radiation, emp, or any explosive damage and prevents the majority of staggering it can be staggered but it’s a low chance. The reaper opened fire on this monster and realized it did virtually no damage, using its ultimate attack and the hunter still stood the the Reaper realized it wasn’t a winnable battle. The reason the reaper got away in one piece is that this hunter’s biggest flaw is that it gets distracted easily. So easily that throwing out a flare will completely distract it even if you shoot it. Until it gets down to 50% health then it will target whatever did the most damage to it until it dies. So if you’re in multiplayer it’ll target you one by one by who did the most damage and goes from one to the other once one is dead if they come back after respawning it’ll just target by the same list of ppl who did the most damage to it before it hit 50% health.

North Coast:
For the final and what should be the best boss is another tank. It was the other “perfect weapon” and it was crafted better than the reaper, when the reaper saw it, it was already in a poor state because of the hunter and didn’t even engage in battle. First of all this tank will also have an internal shield, but it doesn’t block 90% it blocks 40% of all damage, emp, and explosives have no effect on it. Its components are completely covered in extremely tough armor. It is also 1.5x the size of the reaper and is technically apoc class, so yes you’ll be radiated. This tank can spawn in 2 apoc hunters replacing them when you kill both, the biggest thing with this tank is that whenever it is within 250 yards of another rival that rival will go near it and travel with it and work like a goon. Every time it kills you its damage will increase by .25x times and will max out at 2x, also none of these bosses can be staggered (thought I might add that). The tank that’s better than the reaper has guided missiles and has two pvgs on its head and one kvm, on the bottom is where the rockets are where it’ll have two rocket launchers and they don’t launch in unison both guided missiles, for this tank three weapons will be active at all times. And it’ll drop out ticks 5 at a time all apoc.

Name Ideas:
Archipelago Region Boss: Cerebrum as in brain because the tick controls the brain, or Abramo meaning father of many in Italian.

Farmlands Region Boss: Salticidie referring to the scientific name for the family of jumping spiders. It’s normally pronounced Salticidie but spelled Salticidae the die just makes it look cool when spelled out.

South Coast Region Boss: El Roi, now ik this sounds weird. Just think about it, it sounds very robotic when pronounced and seemed like something you’d find in code. It means God who sees me, and since it’s a seeker it 100% sees you.

Forest Region Boss: Demon of (insert one of those random names they add to rival names) or Mudra which would be a play on the french word Murda which just means morgue.

North Coast Region Boss: Casurus Angelus which is basically Latin for Fallen angel. What defeats the Reaper? Angels, but ofc this boss is no angel they’re a fallen angel. (Personally my fav name)

Alright that’s it, also these would be spawned in like how the reaper is spawned in rn but only for the regions I specified, tell me if you liked the idea or any changes you’d make, now I’m tired gonna sleep cause I spent 2 hours on this.


Love it! Think this would be hard to implement, but very creative and interesting. I’d definitely stay away from the Farmlands, that Harvester sounds crazy!


So you don’t think something like this could happen in the foreseeable future? Ty for the enthusiasm never seen that from a dev.


Possible future feature? :eyes: