A new gun or unique gun

Hey. I’m new to the discord but been playing gen 0 for a bit and I was suggesting a single action revolver. I just like to see these in games because they look cool.

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We have a double action revolver, the .44 magnus.
A single action revolver is something for a western.

i honestly think a better option would be a s.a.m (Surface to air launcher) they had a few in the 1980’s and one both sweden and the us had was the FIM-43 Redeye also known as the RBS-69 it is a infrared tracking rocket launcher prototype designed to target aircraft and can make aiming better it was an early prototype so it was used but quickly replaced with a more effective model it was used in combat but like i mentioned only a small amount of them were made and used before getting replace by a model with better tracking so maybe it could have limited tracking so it will hit the firebird as long as it doesn’t move a good distance away, another option would be the RBS-70 which is literally a larger turret based version

While I don’t necessarily think another revolver is something we need, don’t write off single-actions as only being suitable for westerns.

Plenty of single-action revolvers are used for hunting, and not just in the US or Canada. There is this impression that a single-action revolver is more durable, so some higher power revolvers will be single-action instead of double-action. Think along the lines of a .454 Casull. Also, the .44 we have in the game is even incorrectly described as being a single action.

If the devs DID find the idea of another high-power revolver to be worth considering, I would actually suggest they look at the Freedom Arms Model 83, used in the 1988 sci-fi/action/buddy-cop-comedy “Alien Nation.” Think it’d be right up this game’s ally, in a way.

In that movie, an alien species which is tougher than humans comes to our planet…turns out they’re basically escaped slaves from another civilization, so they get taken in as refugees. Los Angeles…so, they begin to integrate into human society. They brought a bad habit with them, drug use, a certain powerful narcotic their masters used to control them as a reward…other bad habits they pick up on earth, like robbery and murder. Group of them get into organized crime, alien drug lord…

A human cop’s partner gets killed by one of these Newcomers, and in the encounter he finds that standard firepower (9x19mm, Beretta 92) doesn’t cut it against these guys…so, he quickly goes to secure something more powerful. The most powerful thing that he can carry, more or less. So he gets this big game revolver, the previously mentioned Model 83, takes it to the firing range, slaps his body armor on a target, runs it out to some distance, and BLASTS it with the revolver, this single-action .454 Casull with scope. The armor and the target messed up, he figures maybe this’ll do, so out he goes.

He only gets to work on his partner’s case, to try and find the killer, if he partners up with one of the Newcomers who has joined the police force, though. Buddy cop comedy hijinks ensue, with some alien badguy busting action mixed in. Bit campy, but, eh. If you liked the Lethal Weapon or Substitute movies, Alien Nation will probably be an OK way to kill an hour and a half or so.

As an aside, it could be interesting if the devs maybe tinkered with the idea of letting us work the current revolver in both single-action and double-action modes. Like switching fire modes on other guns, going from full-auto to semi-auto. Only, for the revolver, it obviously wouldn’t be full-auto/semi-auto. Rather, “single-action” would be slower but more accurate, and the character should thumb the hammer back between shots…while “double-action” would be like we have now, tweaked a little, faster and a little less accurate than “single-action.” You’d set it to single-action to snipe Runner fuel tanks, or to double-action to dance with Hunters or other machines in more face-to-face engagements.

As for a SAM, I’m all for it. The Redeye, the slightly newer Stinger, or Soviet equivalents like the Igla and Strela, etc… Talked a bit about that, before, elsewhere. Could be single-use weapons, discarded after use/consumed on use…or reloadable, by swapping out the launcher tube from the rest of the assembly.

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