A new machine type - The Doomsday Class (DLC)

So I’ve recently been thinking about a new type of machine. I know that there are already quite a lot of ideas for new enemies but I just want to share my thoughts with you, maybe you’ll like em.

The island to the very left has obviously not been featured in any updates so I’d say that this could be the next big expansion (like Himfjäll).
The story could be something like this:

The Resistance started exploring more because they’re running out of food and medication. Since this island has many factories and such, this is they’re only hope of survival. But the exploration team gets into trouble and needs help. That’s why you the player are asked for help. You agree and set out to the island. But instead of supplies you find a new threatening machine type. “The Doomsday Class”. These machines resemble the FNIX machines but way more deadly. The Robots were the very first lethal machine type ever produced. However because numerous system failures happend, countless accidents occured and entire testing grounds were gunned down by just single machines. Because of their lethality they were tested against themselfes and other machines of they’re class leaving them injured but still deadly. These tests gave the Doomsday Class its special look: scarred, burned and shot. Welded back together countless times by the testing team to experiment on them again and again. They sound very different compared to the regular classes too- mainly like scraping metal and metal chains clacking. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t deadly anymore. This class was eventually abondened after a Doomsday Hunter killed the project leader. The few produced Robots were stored away in secret underground facilities, never to be seen again. Until now. Somehow FNIX got his hands on them. Or at least tried to. But they don’t want to be controlled. Their programming was corrupted when FNIX tried to hack them, enableing them to think on their own. Now this new class is roaming the island killing everything that moves.
You’re main mission is to infiltrate the secret underground facility in which you can find a hidden floppy disk with a virus on it. That virus could potentially kill this new type. Now its on you, the Resistance believes in you.

So far on the story. Of course these are not fully thought thru ideas but they could be a start to what would be an awesome expansion. I’d price this DLC at maybe 25$ or maybe even 30$. The DLC should also feature new weapons like a minigun or another powerful sniper (like the Pvg 90).
I just kinda miss the feel of the unknown. I have almost 400 hours of playtime and have been playing for 4 years now. The Himfiäll DLC was definitly the best expansion in my opinion. It would be truly amazing to experience this feeling of unknown content again. Also this expansion could reintroduce the horror part of the game. I always loved the more scary parts of Generation Zero.

Lastly I wanna say that I know how many machine requests and ideas there are already. But I think that my idea stands out from the others a bit because of its story compatibility.
Thank you for reading this. If you enjoy my idea and you enjoy creating fanart, maybe you can draw an example of what the Doomsday Class could look like in your opinion.
Please excuse my bad english (I’m from germany)
Have an awesome day!




I think you did a fantastic job at getting your idea across. Man, this sounds like an awesome idea, and I especially love the idea for the new class of enemy. You’ve obviously put in some thought here, and this would be a real treat to play!


For one that is bad in English, you do good and i like the Idea. Only the DLC Price is Questionable. I would say the Expanded DLC has to cost like the others to be fair.