A pause mode for taking better screenshots?

Don’t get me wrong - the current range of options when taking ingame screenshots is quite nice (if a bit fiddly), but one thing you cannot properly capture is a well-shot action scene when fighting enemy robots sicne they disrespectfully ignore you getting your camera out and continue to riddle you with bullets instead.

Now neither the ingame screenshot option nor NVIDIA’s Ansel feature won’t help in this regard unless we would have the option to pause the game to get that perfect shot of a Tank blowing up to pieces.

I understand that an option to pause the game might lead to a whole new set of issues in a multiplayer game when players might not even be remotely close to each other and one players gets his game frozen while another gets out the camera, so this should either be available when playing solo or an option you can enable/disable as the host so people joining your game will now that something like this could happen mid-game.