A place for the community to come collect HEDP rounds


Hello, MFO Abyss here currently i’ve got 144 HEDP and not really much use for them if anoyone is interested in a small resupply ive got you covered if you need proof ill post a picture in a short while around 4pm GMT aside to this im asking for nothing in return however i do want to keep some of the rockets to myself but the amount i have overloads my slots in my inventory.
Thanks for reading this and good luck fighting on!


Here’s the inventory I have


that is a crazy amount of rockets


@Mewster1 yea let me know if you need some


Don’t think I do need any at the mo


That is insane! However did you get that lot? I’d love some, but I have no idea how to organise it (I’m a dedicated solo player). But in general I’m in! 24 would do me…


@Bootie I’ll hook you up later dev’s think it’s funny to wipe my inventory


That’s not funny! Later and thanks anyway…


No problem mate have a nice time


I’ve finally restocked anyone that needs a resupply let me know