A PvP idea, though I hate PvP

This idea stems from a few posts I saw asking for PvP.
Now, before anything, let me point out, I abhor PvP!!!

Despite this fact, I would NEVER deprive those that ask for PvP!!!
I respect their wishes.
Just let it be OPTIONAL, please…

And so, I came up with an idea…
For PvP (Team Based PvP), you need, obviously, 2 teams.
One idea is, to have humans playing vs human-controlled machines, this, so they can stay inline with the story of GZ.

As for in “co-op” play, one could assume the role of a machine (but this would count towards a player, so one actual co-op player place is taken), and hunt players.
Naturally, this machine CANNOT harm other machines, nor can it see the location of the players on the map, and vica versa.
The ONLY notification on the map would be a coloured zone, so they STILL need to look for one another.
The machine would be bound to it’s capabilities (so no additional weapons, armour, life bar), but as a player commands it, it should become a formidable opponent due to the player’s intellect.

CTF or Capture the Flag:
Again a Human vs Human controlled Machine idea, but the server has to become a 4x4 player server: thus 8 players in total, 4 in each team.

LMS or Last Man Standing: this could be Human vs Human in a 8 person max game, or a machine vs machine form.
I do not know, if, for LMS, a combined human/machine approach would be a good thing…

If you disagree, please elaborate on the why, but base this on logic and pragmatism.
“I do not like it” is not a valid answer: I severely dislike PvP, but I STILL think about this, hoping this can help those that want PvP…
Thank you.

No! just simple plain No!

I want devs to have all the time to make this game best co-op there is. And not to get stuck in endless loop of fixing, balance issues, anti-cheats, and all the work what comes with the PvP mode.

You want PvP, there is already 100+ games where you can choose. And some of them are even F2P.


I do not like PVP, but if they would ever implement it, i hope it would be optional, and like Dead Space 2 (humans against non humans) and outside of story, an arena and not in the game world.

My post was ideas for those that asked for it…
I do not like PvP.

Or just simple they could give us the option to turn on friendly fire .

During the last developer stream (the past Wednesday) it was (Thankfully) made clear that this is “Not that kind of game” & that there will be “No PVP mode added”

Yes , you are right they told that they werent planning to add a PvP mode , because they dont have this vision for the game .

I am so glad to hear it.

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