A question about modding

Hi all!

Does anybody know if its “safe” to mod GZ, meaning will it eventually bust my save with future updates. Im just into making the game more immersive, removing the crosshair, compass and so forth.

There’s been some limited mods like changing the user interface etc on the Nexus, but they require screwing with the game’s system files which are affected by updates (both monthly and the occasional hotfix) which may corrupt your savefiles. As far as I’m aware, the Apex engine does not support advanced modding like changing landscapes, adding features, etc.

Avalanche Studios have stated that modding’s not forbidden, but it’s not really recommended either. If you want to explore that option, be aware of the risks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer, you confirmed what I suspected.

When I read the modding instructions it seemed as much as
you wrote, ill leave it alone and hope for future updates to add
some sort of minimal hud.

Much obliged

Is modding kind of cheating and manipulating the game?

I asked because I never own a PC to just play the games and don’t have a technical knowledge to upgrade PC, and as far as I know on Xbox (the system I’m playing) is illegal to mod any games and the system and could get you banned from Microsoft.

Not that I know of. I’ve seen that there are cheat trainers one can use, but you don’t really gain an unfair advantage versus other players, I don’t think it’s against any rules. Personally I wouldn’t use trainers either, they manipulate save files and could mess them up.

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