A question on behalf of those who lost their base

Could there be a reward for completing the Behind the Curtain quest? Or maybe just for those who lost a great deal after their base disappeared? Like of a lot of supplies and materials to encourage them not to give up. An article popped up a news app I have that referenced a Reddit article where a person was very upset over losing their base after so much time had been spent on building it and upgrading it.

This game is amazing and I love it!! Fortunately for me I’m not one of those who had to deal with such a loss. While I’ve had the game for a while, I waited a very long time to start the Base missions. I’m so thankful I haven’t lost any materials like concrete as its very difficult to reacquire. I just pulled a buddy of mine into this game and now he’s addicted and loving it! He wont suffer from this as he’s starting new. I just thought it might help as an idea. I hope I’m not causing any trouble. If the developers hate this idea, please feel free to delete this post. I just wanted to be of help if possible.

This game is way to awesome for it to have anything negative said about it! LOL! Not if I can help! :blush:

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But yeah, it’s a topic that the devs know pops up a lot.

During the last few wednesday-streams me and @SR_Carni alked about it a bit, if there’s a way to reimburse the community via some sort of event or assignment. I don’t personally know the stakes on this currently but it’s definitely something that has not slipped by unnoticed.


Well, I for one do not need a reimbursement. I’ve rebuilt a smaller version and moved on without any ill feelings. :coffee:


Same for me. I can live with it.
I just think: you cannot complain about everything that happens. What do you expect? Is it realistic?

A silly counter-example
“I lost 1 adrenaline because I died because of a FPS-drop / lag. It’s the games fault, now I want my adrenaline back or I sue you!”


Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
But losing is something that not everyone’s able to.


Hey! Yeah, we’re aware of the frustration about the disappearing bases, but reimbursing the lost materials unfortunately isn’t an easy task, so we don’t know if it’s feasible for us to do at this point.
I’ll keep you in the loop if there is any progress in the matter!


At least the devs should send us a note saying " all your base are belong to us" :rofl:

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That is not even the case. The bases have just disappeared. So, it gone to no one.

I agree that even though my base is not there anymore, it is just something that happens, and it was unforeseen. All the times I was thinking I was texting in game but was hitting keys that caused me to lose ammo, weapons and whatever else… it happens. Some how I will find a way to live on.

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First you write the above. And then you come up with options to get reimbursed after all. :thinking:

The best thing the devs could do is to spend their time to give us new revamps, missions, etc. and working on making the game even better. And not dwell on an unfortunate mishap. We all make mistakes.


It is, like it is.
I said, it’s impossible to reimburse what all have lost.

I just mentioned some options which could affect all players in the same way. The both options which would give us something, may be “good will” options.
The third is a realistic “shit happens” option I would still be fine with.

See it as answer, as opinions to Carnis post where he makes hope by saying that it seems to be that the devs are still trying to find a way to realize it.

And that’s the best one could have written about that. :+1:

But don’t you see that that would set a dangerous precedent. While the devs should be working on what we really want. The devs need our support, that’s what motivates them to make this game move towards better days.

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You’re too slow, old man. :wink:

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One can only hope that they (Devs) investigate the disappearing base enough to find the cause and learn from said mistake, so it doesn’t happen again.

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I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I have a lot of bad incidents, no fault of my own that get me killed from time to time. But I have to say I think it’s different for those who spent a lot of time building and collecting - hours into days and then because of an update that’s gone. To me that’s different. Not to say a frame rate kill doesn’t sting, especially with a loss of an adrenaline, but a base? Depending on how much a person put into it and collected, especially if they had a lot of concrete invested, man that would suck!

So I really appreciate people like yourself, who lost such and were tough enough to say, “Eh, I’ll move on.” This is just for those who really feel the sting and may not have a love for the game as much as us. I just want all to feel as great about the game as we do! :grin:

I definitely appreciate it! I myself didn’t lost anything, but I can see how difficult that would be. As a benefit for just those who lost something versus those like me who didn’t. We don’t all need a ton of materials, that would just make it too easy for us. Like Madchaser and Gysbert, I would just keep on keepin’ on! Because of my love for the game.

My concern is just for those who feel the sting of the loss and maybe weren’t that close to the game. I know it had some bugs in the beginning, but I loved it no matter what! And the devs have worked really hard not only fixing issues, but improving and making it even more awesome with time.

So thank you for hearing me out and I wish you all the best on figuring something out. Maybe an optional\side mission could be available for those who could use it and it reward them with some rare materials upon completion? Just throwing an idea out there.

Again, a BIG thank you to everyone! :grin:

Well I created this post only in concern for those who feel the loss. That means it doesn’t apply to everyone. Some like us, don’t feel slighted, but others who had invested a lot, could feel differently. I for one appreciate the devs trying to figure out a way to help such ones not feel that they’re ignored. Like you proposed, maybe just through more missions alone, such materials could be somewhat resupplied by their accomplishment.

In all, this was topic was only to help. Not cause upset, I think it sounds like the right ones are looking into it and one way or the other, it’ll either be addressed, or it won’t. Either way - I get to keep enjoying the game and loving it! :grin: