A question too the dev team

Are you guys angry with the GZ community? I just started playing this game like three weeks ago after watching IGP and Icy playing it on YouTube during the closed beta, and i was having a blast. Its been one of the best most thrilling games I’ve ever played. I haven’t been able to put it down,and since being laid off its literally been none stop 24/7. As soon as im up Im on your game. I know from word around YouTube that you guys are are relatively small development team, and i just want to say you have created an amazing game and shouldn’t get to bogged down with all the complaining and opinions of what the players fell the game should be. Its not our game, its your game and it was great just the way it was. I loved it and love you guys for putting it together. I dont know if something went wrong with the April update or this was intentional with the difficulty level of the robots but for me…now, its unplayable. I cant help but wonder if maybe you guys got upset with the community and took it out on the community with the robots…which would actually bekind of funny from your side of things, sounds like something I would do. I wish i knew one way or the other, but sadly cant find any word on whats actually going on from you the dev team. I wrote this in hopes you the dev team will see and read it. You guys had something really awesome going on and i just wanted to let you know it was much appreciated. It fantastic just the way it was. Much love to all of you who have worked so hard on this game. I know at times it cant be easy and your doing the best you can and i thank you for that. I just hope things can go back to the way they were. And i hope you will give a public announcement as to whats going on. Man…i really hope you see this because i really want that amazing game back.


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