New update a bit OP

I have a small group of friends that play from time to time but most of the time it is only me that is playing. Now I will not take it as far and say I need all the skills in the tree as a solo player, but this update took the ability to enjoy the game on my own completely out I put 3500 rounds+ 20 rounds of RPGs 5 emps rounds 50 rounds of 50 cal. Plus grenades all my health kits and over half my paramedic cases on top of that all of my ammo crates for 1 rival and the endless hunter adds. The hunters are absolutely ridiculous and I was not fighting a harvester. Throughout that fight i had around 12 hunters and i don’t even know how many runners. I spent 45 minutes in this fight. Now, I don’t mind the difficulty or the amount of ads, but a few ideas that may make things a bit balanced. First, the hacking cooldown needs to be cut down. Not insanely but maybe to 35-45 seconds even hunters are only a 50% chance to hack and that is a military hunter. At a certain point runners are worthless to hack, most of the time you hack them, they die and chaos ensues anyway. Second, increasing the chance to hack by 10% if you have the blueprint for said machine should also be implemented. Also chance to hack should be increased the lower the targets health is. Third, decrease the amount of times a FNIX hunter can spam their sticky nades or decrease the amount of nades they can shoot. Even holding yourself up in a house proves difficult against these guys. I love a challenge, also I understand the desire for a team based game, but there still has to be a balance. If my team was on for this fight it may have taken 30 min but with scaling and difficulty there would have been the same complaint. All the risk and hardly the reward. I love what you guys did with the harvesters though they really were to easy. Let’s see medical crafting capabilities next update!


I completely agree, as a solo player I noticed a few changes that were quite rough. The rate at which ticks are doing now is insane. I haven’t seen anyone mention it but they drop off the same Hunter 2 or 3 times in a minute. The rate of fire for their weapons send to have increased too.


The tanks and harvesters needed it. Absolutely. Hunters are now stronger than both of them combined. Now that you mention it, I did notice an insane amount of ticks. Thought it was because i was in a military zone and they were coming for the fight. Emps should destroy ticks. In reality, EMP’s fry circuitry. Emps need a buff as well. They give you enough time to reload or empty a mag or heal but that’s about it.

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The lock on speed with the tanks it too quick. It used to be 1.5 to 2.0 second lock on. Now it’s instant. You can’t even circle of death anymore when you are running anymore or even slip into the blind spot. Tactic went out the window. Before if you didn’t run it could get you 80% of the time. Now it’s 100% no matter fast you go.

What’s worse is the DOTs from the apoliticalic tanks, they take you out before you get a med pack out.

It looks like the FNYX hunters spam: sticky gun and ticks. With a pack of 5 hunters, you are knee deep in ticks within 20 seconds


I’m having problems with this as well. Played a bit of MP yesterday with the wife and on “Adventurer” setting we’ve usually have a good time with this game. But not after this update. We went to engage a rival harvester, and all of a sudden hunters are beeing teleported to the battle and completely destroyed us with their railguns that seem to be able to penetrate terrain as well, they can at least shoot us before we see them. With 3 kids we don’t get as much game-time as we’d like, it kind of sucks when the game is ruining the night for us.

Last night we had these issues.

  1. Dead hunters flying away before the host could loot them, client did not have this issue. This lead to the host running out of ammo quite quick as hunters now seem to spawn everywhere in large amounts. We where in the northern mountain region and we were in combat almost constantly with groups of 5-10 hunters.
  2. Hunters teleporting. Could be that harvesters now can call in support, however i noticed hunters appearing out of thin air when no harvesters was around.
  3. Rivals getting spawned and levelling up quicker then before, this however could be that more points are given to the region as we where in a lot of more fire fights then usual.
  4. Hunter railguns are now deadly accurate and have line of sight through terrain and objects. fleeing over a hill we where shoot by the rail-snipers even after beeing on the other side of the hill, when they should no longer see us.

Giving the harvesters a more agressive temprament was a good call, however, if they can call help from super-hunters they are quite OP.

As the game now has difficulty settings, the lowest difficulty should at least be playable for 2 casual gamers i think.



The game is very broken now after this April update. I run it on PS4 and there are so many problems and it has caused more than it has solved. For starters everyone knows about the dlc island not spawning buildings and that’s a big problem. Then there’s the hunters with rail guns which wouldn’t be a problem if there was only one of them but I have had about 5 shoot at me from a long distance and you can’t always see where there coming from and doesn’t help that they all bang you through walls which is ridiculous. I like that the FNIX class tanks and harvesters have a gas attack for close range but cmon stupidly repetitive rocket barrages that fly at you at a trillion MPH it’s just not the way it should be. It’s very fun taking on multiple groups of enemy’s (especially large ones) but now it’s just pure aggro and starting to kill my buzz for the game big time. Also what’s this with harvesters spawning hunters!! It’s just not needed just give them a thicker line of defence with runners these hunters seriously take the fun out of farming harvesters especially when they spawn with these crazy overpowered rail guns total disadvantage. Seems like this update has caused more problems than it has solved would be greatly appreciated if these things were altered asap.

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Im pretty new to this game…and i want to love it and was but now i find it so difficult im not sure i even wanna play anymore. Im thinking of starting over again and maybe play it on easy mode,because im just not having fun anymore. This will be the third time if i do. I hate to be one of those guys complaining about a game being to hard. I played sekiro and loved just as it was. Ive never played a game that has made me want to reach out on a form to express my frustration like this. Please move that new battle ai to guerilla mode because its a bit over the top…if i want to just die over and over and over ill go play on that mode. I literally dumped at least a thousand rounds into a harvesters rocket launcher before being able to take it out…along with its other weak spots on top of that…and ya it was a level four but it was still bs…and the range with its gas…bs. In order to not get hit with gas i had to stay in its rocket range, the whole thing just sucked. Please dev team, please move this new battle ai to the harder mode.


Ya so i just spent hours getting my ass handed to me with this stupid update with the new machine battle ai…fired 50 round into a tanks turret…nothing…this does not belong on normal mode…this is for crazy hard core gamers. Ive basically run out of ammo and have no health, the health and armor skill upgrades are useless, thanks a lot for ruining my love of this games!


I understand where you’re coming from in terms of difficulty. I’m playing normal and even the base game is super tricky to me but remember that stealth is an option and when you can’t go stealth, explosives are your friend. Realistically bullets aren’t going to do anything to apocalypse machines unless you have a very high powered rifle and shoot multiple shots into a component but even then it’s gonna take a long time.

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its not only that bullets dont do as much damage, but its the new uberbuffed weapons of the machines that causesthe issue. just spawned into a game, on himfjäll, and there was nothing, no buildings no roads nonothing, just 8 apoc hunters with their gatling rocketlaunchers completely hosing me down with rockets. no use playing anymore, cannot justify spending 20 of the dark green medpacks just to try and run away. and on another respawn med 4 runners, apoc, and their new weapons damage over time stats, well lets just say its not very much time until you dead, its lite they have set the machines damage output at 3000%.

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Yes your right and i apologize,i was so aggravated when I commented on it. Its just so frustrating, i had just gotten to the point where i could go head to head with one of the big guys,now im right back where i started. I was just really enjoy the game and had been looking forward to going head on with them now that i had finally collected some decent weapons and had been avoiding conflicts with them in order to save up supplies so i could go head on. Just feel that fun has been taken away from me. Their was a HUGE difference in my game play experience after that up date. I cant even enjoy it now, its just not fun now, only aggravating. Im sorry.


It was a huge change, indeed. I do agree that this sort of machine difficulty does belong in Guerilla mode, it seems like the perfect hardmode setting. Balance is a difficult thing to master; many from the GZ community have experessed their opinions on buffing machine behaviour; now that it’s done, it’s too much for some.

Personally, I love this kind of difficulty, but I can see where it might be too hard for other players.

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Yeah they do that and even though I like playing usually Geurrilla and having it be a challenge, I think they should really tone down how fast the harvester drops down new hunters.

I think they should drop 1 - 2 hunters instead of having it be an entire new squad. Because yeah, it is extremely annoying being killed over and over again while trying to destroy the harvester.

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The Rocket and mortar salvos must be reverted back to March Settings, and some of the new enemy a.i changes should be relocated only to Guerrilla difficulty, the game needs Balance, very few new players will enjoy the game this way, and even many Regulars and Veterans are not happy with the changes.
If most of these changes are not errors and miscalculations, i ask the devs to reconsider and analyze better the situation.


yeah you should so see my post XD i posted a vid showing how though it was to kill a tank i cannot understand how they manage to buff the enemies so baddly…