The Latest Patch Ruined the Game (PS4 Pro and regular)

I don’t know where to even start. Me and my buddy really enjoyed playing the game before these patches. Every day we played 10 hours straight and some times we even forgot to eat and sleep. So that tells you that we really loved the game.


Today we started playing at Sout Coast Region and using binoculars over there was almost useless because of the bad visibility. But the things went worse when we entered a military base where the haze was on even we were inside the building. And for some reason there appeared a brand new bug that we couldn’t see anything because of the white blinks that blocked the view. It was kinda like having continuous flashbang orchestra in front of our eyes.

We moved on from there and went to the Farmlands Region and over there we noticed that rules has changed and not for good.

The military class Hunters are like gods. They are totally in some sort of god-mode.
They see me where ever we try to sneak and kill us by one shot. Their gas attacks come through walls. There’s no logic on how to play anymore. Before it was reasonable to go inside a building to cover, but now these guys just kill us when we are behind the walls. Explosives kill us through walls as well as the gas.

Before this was a shooting game, but now it is just a dying game. I spawn somewhere about 100 meters away from my dying point and the Hunter learns in one second where I am and kills me right there.

Before it was fun to create strategies and the game was more than just brainless shooting, but not anymore.

We really enjoy games that offer a challenge, but there needs to be some sort of rules. Now the rules are gone and anything can happen and that is a total immersion killer.

We tolerated the bugs somehow because the game was so great. Enemies ignored the walls but that happened only some times. Now the rules have changed and the gas penetrates the walls all the time and also in open area we die in one second. Also, the gas mask was something that we didn’t care to use because of it’s low protection (30% + perk 10%) and now the gas mask protects you even less (20%).

So for us, the game is now unplayable and it is really a shame. We really hope that you guys can save it from this disaster what it has become.

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