Harvester spawning Hunters instead of ticks?

That’s pretty much the sum of it. I engaged a harvester at fairly close range on the DLC island and suddenly a hunter appeared out of thin air, then I noticed that the harvester was ejecting some sort of pods that opened into hunters. Is this intentional? If so , it seems a bit OP though. If not, maybe it’s a bug.

I think they meant to eject ticks, not hunters. IMO ejecting Hunters is not plausible or believable, but ridiculous (perhaps for a MUCH larger machine it’s OK). Hunters simply have to much mass to eject the way it would a tick. Please do not edit the intent or meaning of my post.

EDIT: I think I witnessed an actual glitch. I have since seen screenshots/videos and seen for myself what is supposed to occur and it is NOTHING like what I experienced. What is happening ‘normally’ is fairly cool, believable, and fits in with the game. What I saw was like tiny hunters ballooning into normal size ones in front of my eyes instead of ticks. 6 to 8 of them.

Welcome to the April Update. This is intended, Harvesters now deploy reinforcements when threatened. Really dangerous reinforcements.

Thanks for the confirmation. I just think it’s a bit much. There has to room on the harvester to carry them after all… Perhaps 2 hunters ( or 1) with appropriately sized containers ( yes, I know, it involves, more modeling and animations). Just a suggestion. It’s current implementation just does not seem plausible. I think if it were scaled down to 1 or 2 , it could be made to be pretty cool, but it needs appropriate containers. Just my opinion.

Feel free to join the discussion over at the New Update a bit OP thread, which has become the main Feedback thread for the April Update.

So in theory if you had the tick pod scavenging skill you could get hunter pods instead. If so that would be awesome.

Is the part where they appear in front of you from thin air also WAI?

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Unless the April Update gave them some serious cloaking devices… Nope.

But I’m pretty sure @oc3 meant that he saw Hunters spawn in by the Harvester. If that’s not the case I’ll remove the tags.

Not sure, but today when playing. New weird machines sound and then you see something flaming dropping from sky.
First tought these was just buggy miss fires rockets by harvesters.
But now they looked more like drop pods for machines.

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Im happy with the harvester spawning hunters instead of ticks. It was already really easy to kill. I also liked how they added the animation of a harvester drilling for gas through a car.

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The animation always existed , it is just rare .

The updte is very good.

Harvester spwan Hunter good idea :smiley: ( What next Apo Tank Spawn Runner?)

I think the Rockets from tank and harvester are flying too fast so you can´t run away from damage and die instend with a low char.

Dead Robots are remove when i die is ok so i must save the loot befor i respawn

Could you clarify? Do you mean that harvester have always been able to accidentally spawn hunters instead of ticks? Because that exactly what I saw.

yes harvester spwan 1-2 Hunter thats cool.
They can spwan tick from the tickbox and
spwan hunter When they go in shield postion

Ah I have sea a harvester that spawn 3 Hunter and 6 Tick at the same time fantastik.

Since this isn’t a bug and the thread is tagged as working as intended, I’ll be locking this thread.