New update a bit OP

Honestly I’ve been playing on Guerrilla a ton since the difficulties rolled around, and I can honestly say that even this is way to much. It’s enough that they can all see me through walls from hundreds of meters away and shoot their light speed rockets at me. Their accuracy is insane to the point where it’s just wholly frustrating and not at all fun to play against, even when you’ve beaten them. I’d like for there to be at least a reversion of their insane buffs, or at the very very least, another “update” to tone back how brutal these things are. They really do not miss


In the letter from the devs it said “In this update we’ve also taken our first steps to updating the machine behavior, primarily in combat. Much of this is beneath the surface and won’t be immediately noticeable”
I would say that this is so far removed from the truth that I can’t even believe they used that description. The difficulty level on this game for a solo player has jumped so dramatically that it’s almost unplayable. Unfortunately I do not have the availability or time to play co-op mode and this game is advertised as Solo or Co-op play. I hope that the problem with the difficulty level was an accident and something that the developers are going to correct.


When/if it’s tweaked, maybe leave the current settings as a new difficulty ‘Disaster’ for anyone looking for a tough combat challenge in coop or such :slight_smile:


that aint though its just plain bs…

I don’t mind Harvesters or tanks spawning reinforcements I do mind however dying responding at a safe house over 300 yards away and the building is already being hit by missile salvos and bullets coming flying at the door as I step out and I can’t even see them with the infrared scope on my 50 cal and the aggression range at which they notice you is almost instant up to three times the distance that used to be even with perks they’re supposed to help you not be noticed the only Surefire way to take down a tank or Harvester now is to lead them up to a building peek out unload 25 shots from an SMG lmg or assault rifle duck back behind the wall 2500 or 4000 rounds later you have successfully taken down the Harvester if his reinforcements didn’t kill you or the tanks poison attack didn’t kill you. you can’t even get a lock on a vital component between missile salvos and that’s on the adventure setting. And did i notice sniper rounds penetrating doors and walls and why would the bots randomly be shooting in the distance at each other or a empty building?


From my recent experience , the main problem is the Rocket salvo, they finally made the game as real as it could get, it´s almost impossible to escape from missiles, it makes the game hard, and unplayable for newcomers, yes, you can snipe the Tanks and Harvesters Missile pods with the PVG90, but does not that make the game boring ? At least it does for me, before the update, the player could use other Weapons to attack this type of Enemy, now you will probably die.
The Hunters max range is too much .
About the Harvesters in particularly, the idea of spawning enemies is great, but only if the harvester remained as it was before the new update. Now harvesters don´t need protection as long as their missile salvos are as fast and precise as they are.
The Backup Hunters are a very interesting idea, but the missile salvos are completely “OP”.

After a few hours on the April update Im going to call it a day until the difficulty is tweaked a bit. I spent the last two hours burning through health packs and ammo. Everything I come across can see me a mile away and they never seem to miss, ever. Everything has some type of chemical rounds now too which does a damage over time effect, the hunters have rocket launchers that ragdoll you, and a flamethrower. that goes through brick walls. Even the Dog robots have chemical rounds. I spawned at another location to get away from the area I was in to see if it was just the level of the area. As soon as I spawned in the building I was in was getting pounded. I couldn’t even go outside. Is this intended? I love this game, I play with my two boys but this is crazy.

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Some others have mentioned it and I wholeheartedly agree - you need to move the majority of this new behavior under a new difficulty level. That solves everything - players that like it can choose it; those that don’t can use a different level. I actually agree that the machines’ behaviors pre-update needed some boosting - it makes the game more interesting, makes the explosives and distraction objects (flares, fireworks, noisemakers) more necessary, etc. - but I think this is the pendulum swinging way too far in the other direction.

Agreed. As i said in another thread: it’s great that the hunter no longer stands there like a derp when you’re sniping it from far away, and the tank really SHOULD be a challenge, but the machines coming into buildings, and the weapon upgrades, and most of the rest of it…it’s a bit over kill, and kinda kills the fun factor, especially if you’re playing solo, and on easy, like i am. It’s all a bit much.

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The difficulty is not really the issue. It’s the lack of ammo and items. I put 50% into ammo salvaging and still struggle. Balancing is not so much the struggle. We simply need more options. Namely ammo/throwable crafting. Also our gear is 1 star gear. get max 4% explosion resistance against 15 hunters is low. If they are going to make gear and ammo and such customizable then the robo buff will be balanced.


That makes a lot of sense, yeah. Personally I keep finding loads of ammo, tho I’ve invested 100% in the salvage perk. A single Military Hunter can drop 100-150 rounds of 7,62 each.

I’d love to see higher quality resistance gear schematics that’ll increase our defenses against machines, and I do think that’s what they have planned.

agreed on the higher quality schematics, being able to craft higher resistances would help with some of the issues some people are having with machine damage output.

I believe that perk is for ammo boxes only if I read that right.

“Increases the amount of ammo found from in containers and when looting destroyed enemies.”

Says so in the skill tooltip :wink:

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but you still only find .50 cal ammo in 1-5 per stack never any more, unlike the 7.62 ammo where you find heaps.

Signed up just to give my feedback on this subject.

Higher aggression is good. Enemies launching attacks at a safe house as you respawn in it is not. Harvester rocket spam is not. Tanks are give-and-take - they now lead the target with rockets; this is good, as it rewards paying attention, learning, and breaking movement patterns. Their MG is now aimbot, this is not - as the MG was already the most dangerous weapon they had. Cover helps, but they’re accurate enough to tag you on the edges of cover anyway.

The shockwave attack seems to be bigger, too - was already too big, as it could hit you 30-40 feet away; now it’s big enough to thump you on the other side of a house, easily. Hunter reinforcements are good. Infinite hunter reinforcements are not.

Concussion rifle must have been significantly buffed; pre-patch, it hurt a lot, but within a ‘game feel’ amount. Now, it’s a hard one-shot for anyone not running Vanguard, and will knock a Vanguard player to 12 health from full. This is bad, as they’re also a LOT more common, now being found on military hunters too. Combine with the higher aggro lock-ons, and there’s a lot of ‘respawn, exit safehouse door, get shot from beyond visual distance’ going on, to the point it’s just more efficient albeit also more disheartening and less enjoyable to save adrenaline injectors and medkits by face-zerging and ignoring the death counter.

Overall, right direction but went way too far for current conditions. I’m thankful for all you folks have done to improve the game since launch, and still enjoying the atmosphere of the game world - but at current, lacking the stealth skills on my character means I’m pretty much shelved till this gets rebalanced again.


I’ve looted stacks of ca 15-20 .50 ammo from some Hunters I’ve killed, and ca 30-40 from Tanks so I’m not sure what you’re talking about there :man_shrugging:

Having had a couple more hours (was all i could stomach) to play with the new machine combat AI, i can say this is no longer fun.

So i i’m sneaking over to this Major’s house (Mission: Seeds of doubt) a Military-Class hunter spots me, alerts ALL of his friends… i barely make it inside the house, before i’ve got like 5 hunters, a bunch of runners, and a couple of seekers on me…all military-class. I can also hear ticks, but i’m not sure where they’re coming from. I’m hiding in the upstairs bathroom, and suddenly, one of the hunters clips through the wall into the first floor of the house, then snags me with his cannon, and clips me through the wall, out of the house, and right in front of a firing squad of 4 hunters. I was dead before i could finish dumping my mag on the nearest hunter… so i respawn at the nearest safehouse, and decide to try something else…

i came up on a fishing town on the south coast (Mission: Beyond the Barricade), i was tasked with destroying the machines, in order to clear the town, so i could look for clues. I started sniping the runners, and the next thing you know there are 6 military-class hunters involved, so now i’m horribly outnumbered, and with no cover. So i’m fighting them and losing badly, suddenly, all the enemies teleport away, and the game thinks i’ve taken out all of the machines…only i hadn’t. They had all disappeared, and then re-appeared in odd locations. Didn’t take them long to get back on me though…still no cover, I engage, manage to take 2 or 3 of them out, but MORE appeared out of nowhere, so at this point, i’m at like 12 health, and i have no more medkits. i make a break for the nearest building, got perforated on the way through the door, revived, only to find the building was full of gas…died again in short order. I respawned at the nearest safehouse, and quit to desktop. This update either needs to be rolled back altogether, or rolled back, and reworked. The game, in it’s current state is almost unplayable.

Just for reference, my character is a level 9, i don’t have many skill upgrades, and i’ve got about 23-24 hours in, and i’m playing on easy.


Are you guys angry with the GZ community? I just started playing this game like three weeks ago after watching IGP and Icy playing it on YouTube during the closed beta, and i was having a blast. Its been one of the best most thrilling games I’ve ever played. I haven’t been able to put it down,and since being laid off its literally been none stop 24/7. As soon as im up Im on your game. I know from word around YouTube that you guys are are relatively small development team, and i just want to say you have created an amazing game and shouldn’t get to bogged down with all the complaining and opinions of what the players fell the game should be. Its not our game, its your game and it was great just the way it was. I loved it and love you guys for putting it together. I dont know if something went wrong with the April update or this was intentional with the difficulty level of the robots but for me…now, its unplayable. I cant help but wonder if maybe you guys got upset with the community and took it out on the community with the robots…which would actually bekind of funny from your side of things, sounds like something I would do. I wish i knew one way or the other, but sadly cant find any word on whats actually going on from you the dev team. I wrote this in hopes you the dev team will see and read it. You guys had something really awesome going on and i just wanted to let you know it was much appreciated. It fantastic just the way it was. Much love to all of you who have worked so hard on this game. I know at times it cant be easy and your doing the best you can and i thank you for that. I just hope things can go back to the way they were. And i hope you will give a public announcement as to whats going on. Man…i really hope you see this because i really want that amazing game back.