So I thought I would see if the post April update was as bad as they say

Well, yes.

I remember when I first started this game, sneaking around robodogs at the first church, freaking out when a hunter (prototype) guarded some cars. Actually a little scared when the first tank stalked the house I hid in.
It was great fun and intelligent.

Now I’ve completed it, collected all the collectable and wait for the new dlc. Sneaking around on skirmish setting, struggling with two or three tanks/hunters. Escaping when I can’t beat them. Coming back later.

Now, it’s just a joke. It’s like any other fps except it’s not supposed to be and it’s not as good.
For example, I spawned close to the church ruins up ne. I snuck around on the plains, found a couple of dogs, took them out…and 7 hunters teleported to my location from nowhere/orbit(?) and all of a sudden I was in a firestorm like never before. Constant bombardment without any chance of returning fire…untilvsome other hunters arrived with the mlrs rockets from hundreds of meters away, constantly shelling me.

Ran for dear life to the lighthouse safe house E…where I got either flamethroed through the wall or airburst mlrs killed multiple times.

It’s comical.

It’s nuts.

It’s making me doubt they have a quality testing program before they release any updates. Seriously, did they actually test this on players before releasing it?

I got used to the unnecessary and quirky inventory update and had hopes for something useful for the 21gb download.
Now, I’ll just stop playing until they fix this ridiculous Halo/GoW wannabe update.


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