New Player - I’m done

Such a beautiful game that starts off brilliantly and then going into the main island just utter trash. Four harvesters and a tank in every location.

They can spot you from a hundred yards out and then shoot laser missiles that teleport to your location and kill you.

Why do there have to be so many of these useless robots? They aren’t scary when they are over every hilltop and in every farm and are not fun to fight. Especially when you use all your resources and get nothing back. Constantly hearing their thuds as they walk is so irksome because it is constant because… they are everywhere.

I decided to quit after being spotted by one harvester a hundred yards away and then another one down the road also a hundred yards away. I ran to a house and was assaulted by an endless amount of hunters. Take one down and three more appear. And it was nice when they started spawning inside. Nice touch.

This game had so much potential and is just utter trash now. Impossible to play and enjoy on scavenger difficulty. Unbelievable.

What’s the point of fighting them? They take all of tour ammo and health and give back so little and the respawn after a few hours.

Change the difficulty. Have easy and scavenger difficulties have just a few of the harvesters and tanks and more hunters.

You all created a great and beautiful game and ruined it. I would never recommend this to anyone and would steer people away from it if they were interested.


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