New ai belongs on guerilla mode

Im pretty new to this game…and i want to love it and was but now i find it so difficult im not sure i even wanna play anymore. Im thinking of starting over again and maybe play it on easy mode,because im just not having fun anymore. This will be the third time if i do. I hate to be one of those guys complaining about a game being to hard. I played sekiro and loved just as it was. Ive never played a game that has made me want to reach out on a form to express my frustration like this. Please move that new battle ai to guerilla mode because its a bit over the top…if i want to just die over and over and over ill go play on that mode. I literally dumped at least a thousand rounds into a harvesters rocket launcher before being able to take it out…along with its other weak spots on top of that…and ya it was a level four but it was still bs…and the range with its gas…bs. In order to not get hit with gas i had to stay in its rocket range, the whole thing just sucked. Please dev team, please move this new battle ai to the harder mode.


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