No EXP weapons and April update have broken this beautiful game

I have been playing GZ since day 1 (i.e. March 29th 2019). I recently bought also Alpine Unrest DLC. Had a lot of fun with this game, till the recent April update that ruined the game so much that it has become completely UNPLAYABLE due to the insane power that has been added to the machines and to the absurd number of them that you have to face all together. I play at skirmish level, but now it is a difficulty level a lot harder then the former Guerrilla. Moreover you get a ridiculous loot from the big ones. See the attached photos of a battle lasted for one hour, with thousands ammos, aid kits, flares etc. dilapidated to kill tens of machine and finally a lev 4 rival fnix harvester: the loot from harvester is BY FAR WORST than the one you can get from a common runner!!! So the loot system is completely broken too!!!
Unfortunately I missed also the anniversary event (due to COVID-19 mess…), and the possibility to get EXP weapons, no matter how many lev 4 FNIX or Apocalypse Tank rivals I kill now!! It’s a real shame, and it is really unfair for ANYONE WHO HAVE PAID FOR THE GAME not to have any possibility to get the EXPs!!!
Consequently and unwillingly, I am going to stop playing and wasting my time with this game until Avalanche Studios will have solved these three issues:

  1. More reasonable and user selectable difficulty levels (as before April update)
  2. A more balanced and rewarding loot system, because now it is completely BROKEN!!
  3. And, related also to point 2, a decent possibility to get EXP weapons which now is exactly ZERO, instead of the completely useless exp clothes.

Best regards,
A really disappointed fan of GZ


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