Visibility & Movement Noise skill only makes you louder and more visible to enemys

Before I had the skills visibility and movement noise the machines didn’t detect me much but now a hunter will be so far away from me and they get suspicious and I always have to run away its super annoying anyone tell me if you have this problem

That’s a ‘feature’ of the April update - EVERYTHING can detect at crazy range, without line-of-sight.

My experience is quite the opposite - they have to see you to detect you from a large distance.

On few occasions I was able to sprint towards a FNIX Tank from his behind, and he detected me when I got to about 50m.

Thanks for the report. I don’t think it relates to the stealth skills but it’s definitely inconsistent. At times (my character has the same stealth perks) I can sneak by a whole pack of Hunters at fairly close range, other times a Runner spots me 200 meters away.

Like @Sniktch said, it’s due to the latest update. Once you have aggro, it’s hard to lose. Hunters fire gas grenades at you with pinpoint precision at extreme ranges. I get that they can see me with Thermal Vision, but it’s a bit silly.

Since this isn’t a bug, I’ll be locking this thread. But I won’t tag it as working as intended :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to comment in whats’s become the official threads for the April Update;

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